Flight Delays Prediction with Microsoft R

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Are you interested in learning the latest Microsoft R products for Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics? Then you shouldn't miss this video! Join Katherine for a machine learning adventure to gain some hands-on experience of predicting flight delays. During this video, you will learn different Microsoft R products for scalable and high-performance analytics. You will walk through an essential workflow to build your data science puzzles with Microsoft R Server. Don't wait! Start your data science journey from here.
Useful Information:
•        Download the demo material from Here.
•        Learn more about Microsoft R Server.
•        The Microsoft R - Product comparison.
•        Want to use R Tools for Visual Studio for you R development? Check this out.




The Discussion

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    Pretty awesome.
    Just getting into R myself. Impressive confidence on processing large chunks of data without visualising it. I guess in practice you would use various CoCorrelation and PCA graphical tools to help review and extract independent features within the data pre processing steps.

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    Tamer Fares


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