Getting Started with Apache Cordova in Visual Studio

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I wanted to learn how to get started with Apache Cordova in Visual Studio so I took a walk over to Kirupa's office and had him explain it to me (on camera to boot). We had a tiny problem where my screen grab died for some reason when he ran the project so you don't actually get to see the result - this exercise is left to the viewer :)

Couple of links that might be helpful (and tools we used):

I'm looking forward to see what you've built! If you have an app that you built using these tools let me know (in comments below)!



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The Discussion

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    Just as the app starts, you cut away from the screen to a shot of you two talking and looking at the screen.  Was that a tease to make us install/run ourselves??

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    WHAT IS THIS??????????????????? Showing 2 people just talking, when there should be something on the screen?????????? How was the simulator? I bet it was terrible. One thing for sure, I'm not tempted to be using Cordova after this demo, it was something of the worst "demo" ever shown. Hopefully you can recreate this video and show what this really is about.

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    How is Cordova for making apps for the Universal Windows Platform? Is it just as streamlined as for iOS, Android, WP8 apps?

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    Oh come on, no preview of the demo...?  that's a bummer :(

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    I'm sold, but to convince more people, you should show the iOS simulator in action! 

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    Really Seth no demo !!!

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    no demo cut twice. seen nothing wasted time. bravo to editor/director. real professional.

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    I know!! I was so sad the screen grab stuff cut out. Let me see if I can get Kirupa to do the demo again and record his screen. I can edit it back in. Would that work?

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    These two guys are good at acting!

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    This? Is it some kind of a joke? What a waste of time to view this. Please show the iOS simulator in action and also how to create a simple cross platform application.

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    Linda Zhong

    For anyone who still has questions after this video, we have VS TACO documentation going deeper on the key topics covered in this video:
    - Overview of building and running an iOS app: taco [dot] visualstudio [dot] com [slash] en-us [slash] docs [slash] run-app-ios
    - Remotebuild in particular in the cloud: taco [dot] visualstudio [dot] com [slash] en-us [slash] docs [slash] build_ios_cloud

    Sorry for the weird URL--the post keeps getting rejected.

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    I really wanted to say * you editors here.... but I wont ...

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