How To Integrate the Vungle SDK for Windows 10

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    Excellent.!! thank you so much.. it works fine for me.. but i want vungle in my windows 10 device and i want to integrate it from unity instead of direct form Visual Studio. I tried but iam facing many problems, something like:
    "The following unexpected error occurred during bootstrapping stage 'Connecting to the device '30F105C9-681E-420b-A277-7C086EAD8A4E'.':
    DeviceException - The data necessary to complete this operation is not yet available. App2"
    Even i followed your tutorial and tried to build in my device, iam getting error, . Plz Help me .. Thank you in advance!!
    I will be waiting for your reply

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    i am using unity5.3, VS STudio 2015,

    .i add vungle unity package import my project
    . then build successfully. but after publish store

    errors :-

    The declared package dependency does not exist. Dependency: Microsoft.NET.CoreRuntime.1.0. Minimum version: 1.0.23430.0. Please upload the .appxupload file generated by Visual Studio for the Store. < a href='' target='_blank'> Learn more

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