Inside the Confidential Consortium Blockchain Framework with Mark Russinovich

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    I love it
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    I wish Mark mentioned blockchain 3.0, as a DAG (IOTA's Tangle).

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    Brilliant ! very well explained and saved so much of my time to digest it. 

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    How can TEE be trusted if it is a black box and it's functionality can't be validated for all possible cases ?

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    Crystal clear (even for the non tech savvy) and totally mind blowing!!!

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    Awesome explanation....i am a beginner where can i find more beginner stuff fundamentals and hands on labs/excercises. 

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    @Val A blackbox is intended to keep its secrets secret. At the end of the day everything is about "trust" (a philosophic question) and the amount of efforts you used to build this trust. For a fascinating example of such a process I suggest you search for "Supporting Information Physical Cryptographic Verification of Nuclear Warheads" (obviously off-topic for these videos albeit very relevant to your question).

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    Break it on down, Sethrow.

    MF'n Seath Row Records! YoLOL...

    I Like him.

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    J Fuste

    Any future talks on Business Recovery scenarios when setting up this type of network?

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    Half way there and this is already so much helpful than the Coco Framework whitepaper. Have a much better understanding of TEEs and the critical role they play. Very informative. Please consider having another session covering Coco Framework after it is released. 

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    Excellent video. Very beneficial the architectural overview including the explanation and utilization of the TEEs. 

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