Interactive Development in C#

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In this session we demonstrate how C# developers can make their workflow more efficient by employing interactive development tools and techniques: C# scripting and interactive, Edit and Continue, and Live Unit Testing.

Roslyn project repo:

Scripting API Samples:

The state of Edit and Continue:





The Discussion

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    Count me inspired to give 'edit and continue' another change...

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    Good stuff and great video. When will debugging within csx files be available?

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    Tomas Matousek

    @shaggygi We track this feature on github: Feel free to subscribe for updates on it. Please, let us also know it's important for you by giving +1 on the issue and/or add a comment.

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    @tmat Thanks for the link. I look forward to this feature. Thx

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    Andy Korn

    thanks guys, well explained, very useful information, great job.

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