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    I hate to say it but this video makes me really mad. I am an adult and there is absolutely no way I can get my hands on this, no mater how much I am willing to pay. I would absolutely love to try this out and teach some younger family members how to code using these tools, as I know some are already hooked on Minecraft. Current methods of using the add-ons or mods is too high a bar to get started and this looks to be the sweet spot! Unfortunately, the schools in my area also do not teach this, and besides, this type of activity is something that should be open to everyone, no mater where you are in your education.

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    @WizarrC:I absolutely agree!

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    Please get this open to all children no matter who the teacher is. Does Microsoft really need to be selling this?

    I work with a non-profit STEM outreach program but we are not a "school" so even though this is prefect for us, it is out of reach because of policy.

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    +1 - I would love to get my kids into coding and Minecraft is a great way to get their attention... should be more open.

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Please feel free to give this feedback to the Minecraft team here - And for more information on Minecraft: Education Edition eligibility requirements, see here -

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    Sorry, It is a very nice thing, but it is very restricted and very closed :( I am a software developer and have 3 children, I teach them with Logo and Scratch (It is a Scratch replicate also with the lovly minecraft). Why it is soooo restricted? The same mistake what the MS did long time ago. It should be a new era, not the closed region locked same s... as before :( I am a bit sad, I gladly pay a small amout for this for example 40-60$...

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    @godzzo: And I really dont understand I used Khan Academy and Coursera, why this is limited and not open in 2017, it is a big mistake...

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    i want this for my kids, but the district has neither the time, inclination or funds to provide this. I'm not sure who you're trying to help here, the kids, or the office 365 edu marketing department?

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    I'm in a similar boat to the rest of the people commenting above. My kid's school is full of iPad Minis, and they have only basic STEM, and NO programming classes. As a developer, I find myself teaching my two 9 year-olds using Scratch and Code Combat, at home. There are other kids and their parents in the same class that have asked me if I could teach their kids some simple programming. This would be PERFECT. Alas, it seems without some kind of formal educator status, and formal Office 365 education accounts, this is simply out of reach.

    Oh well ... back to Code Combat, I guess.

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    Just wanted to add that the site specifically says it is available to Homeschoolers. After trying to get Microsoft Support to even understand what a Homeschool was, there was no path forward. I've submitted feedback to the link Seth shared. I'm glad this was made and it will make a big impact on those students who are getting access to it. We just need a way to make it actually available for homeschoolers like the site says it is.

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    Same as all of the above comments.
    I'm in Denmark and we don't use .edu mails at all.
    Either way I'm not currently under education, but working full time as a system Admin. But I would love to try this with my kids. I never learned to code, and this would be so awesome to do together.

    Please Microsoft, make this generally available :D

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    Paul Koczwara

    Hi Guys,

    We are an Office365 school - which I love by the way. So sad to see some of the comments above - hopefully there is some joy for you at some stage.
    As a positive, this has been the ticket for me to use Minecraft in our school. I am currently showing some proof of concept to teachers and admin at the school and have a small group of students that I am working with.
    A big thank you to the Minecraft team. This is just awesome and can't wait to see where it leads next.


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    Abhijith Chatra

    This is available on Minecraft for Windows 10 now. See

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