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This was seriously a treat for me. I had the privilege of spending time with the venerable Dave Probert who has been working on the Windows kernel for a long time. We discussed an interesting security issue which had up to this point never occurred to me - how do we protect ourselves from kernel exploits? The solution he lays out (and actually forms part of Windows 10) is genius and lays the foundation for some truly interesting innovations down the road.

This is part one in a series of 3 videos. Stay tuned for the next installment!



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The Discussion

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    He is a GOOD teacher and I am glad you asked him valid questions.  I would love to see a series with Dave teaching "Operating systems". I am really looking forward to the other episodes.

    Good job Dave !!



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    More low levels!

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    I hope you will give this gentlemen more time on Channel 9. Hoping for series on Windows Internals? ;)

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    Bring on part two - 3,4,5, and 6?? Please!!

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    Is it Going Deep show?

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    Fantastic information. Looking forward to the rest!

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    Welcome back, Dave. Excellent as usual! :)

    Great job, Seth!

    Looking forward to the next installments.


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    IM Patient

    Where is part 2?????????????????????

    This is the best description of I've seen of IUM so far. I wish Microsoft would not send the management/PM types out to conferences, please just send the engineers to give the correct description to begin with!


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    Nice info! Looking forwards for the next video.

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    Thank you for this video. That was very interesting.
    I think IUM will be used for Windows Docker containers.
    Docker on Linux uses similar kernel instructions to isolate the containers.

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    this is great. Looking forward for the next one. Love to see more videos from this man. 

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    Ali M Rouhi

    More Dave Probert videos. Why not doing a series that teach us people more about Windows 10 Kernel stuff? It would be awesome and appreciated.

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    ONLY 30 MINS??!?!?!?!?!
    loved it!!!

    can't wait for part 2!

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hassan G

    this is the best explanation that i have seen in Channel9, it is possible the others use this metodolegie (Black Board) instead of Tablet

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    Thanks for the deep down explanation.

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    Excellent, after wasting many hours on MS Academy W10 series, this video is exceptional and tells the story from the bottom up, not top down as were expected to understand (and I never can), you both work very well together.

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    Ali M Rouhi

    Is the marshalling act performed by the proxy Kernel the same as the mechanism called LPC which was mentioned in Helen Custer's Inside Windows NT book?

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    Julien Couvreur

    For those pressed for time, the short of this video is that the kernel team introduced the concept of secure kernel which is used by some secure application.
    Both the secure kernel and secure application run in a different address space from the normal kernel and normal applications. This address space is managed and isolated by the hypervisor's "Virtual Secure Mode" feature (which is a form of address translation in the hypervisor). The secure kernel is not a full-fledged kernel, but rather a mediator/proxy for system calls to the kernel (via some shared memory).
    The result is that the kernel does not have access to the in-memory data of the secure application.

    This video did not explain how an application developer can run his application in this secure mode. This is presumably the topic of the next video.

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    Seth, you have an uncanny ability to ask the follow-up question I was just thinking.  And while that might not be particularly impressive from my wife's point of view, I certainly appreciate it.

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    Are these in order?

    Part 1: Isolated User Mode (This Video)

    Part 2: Isolated User Mode Processes and Features 

    Part 3: More on Process and Features


    Really enjoying these videos!

    Thank you for sharing!

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    so this is basically Microsoft's implementation of Jail from Linux?

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    I am deaf, where can I find the text version ?

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    Awesome... Nice explanation..


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