Measuring IoT pulse widths with new GPIO APIs

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    Hi Windows IoT team,


    I'm developing UWP IoT apps and using Windows 10 IoT for almost its inception and has saw its progress these past years. Early this year, I started commercializing my hardware builds and its apps but recently I am in having hard time with what I can say "a critical" bug relating to date/time drifting with Windows 10 IoT. I am maintaining 43 RPi's so you can imagine fixing them all - all the time. I am aware Rpi's doesn't have built in RTC and I don't really as much as possible to put every single Rpi's an RTC modules as its not practical and expensive. What I don't accept is that these drifts happen as frequent as less than an hour. From Anniversary update, Creators update till my 3 Insider build Rpi's.

    I sent numerous feedback both via the feedback hub app and in the website but no one really answer me. I hope you guys had time to respond and just check out these issue.

    One of my apps control lights and these both relies to the time of sunset and sunrise (which work together with a light sensor for extra validation). Imagine how these apps relies heavily on time. It's ok to have drifts of less than 10 mins for me or drifts that occur after 3-6 months of 24/7 operation but please not as less as an hour! not to mention these drifts starts at 1 hour delay to more than 24 hours if I don't manually set the date/time in ps console.

    Thank You.



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    Nice work streamlining your code and process :)

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    When connected, an IOTCore device will sync the time periodically, using Windows Time NT service and a time server. You can configure the time server via w32tm if needed.
    There's a similar question/response here.
    However, I suspect your scenario is different. Can you send me your previous feedback post and any additional details to my email: msaleh (*at)
    Mahmoud Saleh
    Windows IoT Team
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    Would this setup work with a DS18B20 Temperature Sensor on a Ras Pi 3, and can you recommend a transistor to use with the Github sample? Thanks

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