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Microsoft IIS Administration- A new way to manage IIS

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Microsoft IIS. Administration is a Windows service that exposes a RESTful API for managing IIS.
This API exposes the underlying IIS configuration system and can be consumed from any client capable of making web requests.
IIS Web Manager (https://manage.iis.net) is a client that consumes this API to provide a familiar GUI to manage IIS.
Be sure to try out this new way to manage IIS and let us know what you think!


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  • No releases on github showing as of yet

  • @robertmwm

    There was an issue with the signature on the release, we had to temporarily remove it. We will be replacing it today. The same link should be valid, I'll post here when its updated for the notification.

  • @robertmwm

    I apologize that the link is still leading nowhere. After resolving the issue that I previously mentioned we decided to hold off until Monday for the re-release. I will still notify the thread when the link is live. 

    Have a great weekend,


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