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Node.js Tools for Visual Studio

40 minutes, 9 seconds


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In this interview I had the privilege of talking to super smart and talented Sara Itani about some of the awesome things recently added to Visual Studio to support node.js development. Not only do we dive into some of the tools available but we also go through the process of creating and deploying a node.js Express website. It is an awesome soup to nuts discussion and demo on the great work we are doing to support developers in Visual Studio. Best thing to do is download the tools and follow along!

Would love your feedback!


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  • Tyler JonesTyler Jones

    Seth Juarez has *really* never even heard of NodeJS? Even if he has, is this video targeting an audience of developers who have never even *heard* of NodeJS?

  • Dmitry Lyalin (Microsoft)LyalinDotCom Product Manger for Visual Studio

    @Tyler Jones:I think this video tries to introduce our Visual Studio community to Node.js tools and beyond, its a great video overall but I am biased being that I work with Seth :).


    I wouldn't mind using this if it ran in Linux of OSX.


    Holy $#%#$!, what is the world coming too? Visual Studio Code does run on Linux or Mac...its a preview. I'll take a look.

  • @Tyler Jones:Hi! I definitely had heard of node.js before (way before to be honest). The purpose of this interview was to introduce those who use Visual Studio (who might not be familiar with node.js) to the great work the team has been doing to support developers wishing to use this great framework. However, as you rightly point out, I have never put a node.js app into production personally. Hope this helps!

  • Sleepy Daddy SoftwareSleepyDaddy​Software Family friendly games, utilities, and apps for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8.

    Have they fixed the long file path issue yet? Node Tools for VS is unusable without long path support, given that even a relatively trivial node project's node_modules folder goes over the file path limit.

  • @SleepyDaddySoftware: yeah, max path can be pretty inconvenient. In NTVS, we actually include have a max path check to warn you when you do hit max path and provide you with some workarounds. In general, starting out your projects in a short path like c:\src sets you up for success, and check out the current thread for more options: https://github.com/Microsoft/nodejstools/issues/69

  • RonnieRonnie

    Hi Seth & Sara, I really enjoyed the video. I am familar with Node but it has been very piecemeal and this overview has cleared up many things compared to the technical jargon I see even on training videos.... So thanks! VS + Node Tools = Amaze.

  • Are the tools coming out for VS2015 soon?

  • AtulAtul

    I love it especially when you can debug your production code :)

  • have been playing with VS and nodeJS and its awesome... have a look at my demos https://github.com/jrzjose


  • Bravo - for a co - "worst programmer" the video does it job :)

    Obviously have heard of Node but haven't used it. So that comes with some assumptions and perceptions (mostly likely wrong...even stupid). 

    Now I can begin tinkering for real and hope I elevate myself out of "worst" to "mediocre" :)

    BTW, of note was the back/forth on PUBLISH - maybe a little bit more on that (why wasn't it advisable) - e.g. "old school" deploy locally and just push to some host. 

    Anyway, thanks for a great eye-opener video!

    Can't wait for one that shows how it all goes with Typescript - it would be nice to see the Multiply function in the video in Typescript - re: "static types"!

    Scratch that last paragraph :) 

  • chr1skol1chr1skol1

    @ACicero You can use NTVS v1.1 Beta for VS 2015 RC. You can download the binaries here:

  • Jack PryneJack Pryne

    Had the pleasure of meeting Sara Itani at Node Day last December. She's great! Glad to see Microsoft embracing Node! I've switched to using Visual Studio for development and loving it.

  • Nice :)

  • nodenode

    Can Node.js tools be used for Visual Studio 2013 Express? I get an error message trying to install it.

  • @node:Yep, it can be used with Express for Web (not Desktop, though). Our error message could certainly be more clear.

  • Great deal of web tooling on Visual Studio! from web essentials to node.js tools and everything else in between.

  • silicon hackersilicon hacker

    ummm x1000000000

  • Based on Somasegar's blog. Final releases of Visual Studio 2015, Team Foundation Server 2015 and .NET Framework 4.6 will be available for download on July 20th. 
    Will Node.js Tools for Visual Studio 2015 available?  

    Thank you.

  • Really Awesome Information. Great Job team.

    Thank You,

  • Muhammad Shoaib KhanMuhammad Shoaib Khan

    Yeah that's Really new things but When we are developing we are not just focusing on the app's we are developing we also focus on the design that are been implemented for it so than we could use the node.js and node.js is really new and you did your job very of the best to introduced it with very well manner.
    I Thank you very Much
    Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan [Marwat] Ever Green Software Engineer

  • @jdelarua, @ACicero: We currently have a 1.1 Beta and dev builds out for VS2015. We are planning an NTVS release in line with VS2015 RTM, but it won't be an RTM

    Check out our dev builds here: https://github.com/Microsoft/nodejstools/releases

  • MarkMark

    These tools look awesome! Will be great to have some more modern tooling while doing node development! I'm downloading the NTVS 1.1 beta now to try with VS2015! Great work guys :)

  • KeithKeith

    I reviewed several of your other video summaries. You don't mention any of the men being "super smart and talented". You mean, for a girl? I have no doubt that all your guests are super smart and talented, but this sounds condescending and sexist in this context.

  • @CMM:Schaaaaweeet! Interoperability is *not* a bad thing  [H]

  • Nice overview, hope to see an update one  with the Preview bits for VS2015

  • richardrichard

    Very informative thanks.

    I'm very new to node.js , but experienced in C# so this is great for someone like me!

  • @SleepyDaddySoftware:I think Visual Studio should be the OS, the productivity suite (Office), the IDE and all the rest... feeling like writing an iTunes add on for VS so you can manage your music from the it while coding...

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