Ramping up Predictive Maintenance using Machine Learning with Val Fontama

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In our ongoing series showcasing the awesome community contributed content in the Cortana Intelligence GaIlery, I have with me Val Fontama. Val Fontama is a Principal Data Scientist Manager on the Azure team. Today he is chatting with us about the Predictive Maintenance model in the Gallery that predicts yield failure in a semiconductor manufacturing process. Predictive maintenance helps you deal with a problem even before it occurs saving you time and money.

You can access the model used in this conversation and follow along. Thank you Val for contributing to the Gallery in turn helping others get a jump start on their modelling tasks. You explained the various nuances of machine learning in a very simple and engaging way!

If you want to like to contribute your machine learning model to the Gallery, please check this out to learn how to.



The Discussion

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    sujith mony

    I have one question.

    how do i select algorithm, how do i know which algorithm will fit for my requirement.

    I am working on a school project, they have a kitchen with many appliance . most of the time these appliance will repair or replace. i want to create a ML for this.
    which algorithm will fit for this requirement

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