Redesigning the Visual Studio Installation Experience

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The Discussion

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    Is the new installer built with Wix?

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    When is the new version going to be RTM?

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    @Marco:Yes we use Wix and simplified Wix

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    I was indulged programming, Visual Studio is a great program, I wish I was making such products

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    Brad Rogers

    I think its fine the way it is. Im as inpatient as any humanoid can be, but Visual Studio is just a big program, it seems to have a great installer, seems to figure out what it needs and just works. I install about once/month because I crash Visual Studio that often and have to reinstall. Like it was stated, begin the install and go do something else. Maybe have some virtual session if I want to test out code and need an IDE now? Id like to have the cloud store details from my work machine to home machine so it can be setup exactly the same, its a hassle to forget to save everything then go home and try to duplicate the setup and continue on

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    // it will be amazing if the time to get it up and running will be shorter, takes way way more than formatting an old machine with a 5400rpm HDD, also as a C# coder you can see you are getting a bunch of other C++ stuff "on the previous versions of VS"! i believe this new VS it will be great if everything is as they said, all it remains is to try it and see what is going on.

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