Security testing in the cloud with F# and Project Springfield

Play Security testing in the cloud with F# and Project Springfield

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    Great job, you guys. 


    "If you want to get something done fast, you use F#." -- William Blum


    "When you have 3 months to build a project, you don't want to spend all your time debugging. You want to spend most of your time creating value. [With F#] you spend more time doing what you like: thinking about the program you are trying to implement and the logic of your program, rather than just trying to debug a null pointer dereference -- like you would in C# for instance." -- William Blum


    "If you can use C#, you can use F#. There is no thing that you can build with one that you cannot build with the other." -- William Blum


    "Functional programming languages have won." -- William Blum


    Great stuff!

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    I found an interesting writeup on this subject.


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    Eugene Elder

    You two really peaked my interest in F#. I will be using it soon with all my DevExpress XAF and Azure Code. :)

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