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    For breakpoints, why can't just attach to process and start debugging?

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    Hi Niner,

    Because we're using NET Core, we don't yet have all the debugger components complete. Nor are they automatically deployed to the container image. Once they are in place, you could attach remotely. The experience I'm discussing here:

    • Wraps up the optional addition of the debugger components to the image
    • Sets the entry point of the container to be the debugger
    • Sets the debugger communication channel from VS to the running container
    • Hook this into the F5 experience so you don't need to do the extra steps of attaching, finding, etc. 

    Our goal is to enable container debugging remotely as well as locally. 

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    This is great!  With my own experimentation in docker I've been finding the database story really difficult to manage (at least if you want to stick with dotnet). If you listen to the folks over at kubernetes (for example) containers seem to be very "transient".

    How have you found people working with Docker and persistence so far?

    Are you seeing people include a database in their docker-compose files or are they leaving the persistence piece out of docker?

    We certainly can't get SQLSERVER on a container yet, SQLITE+EF isn't appropriate for someone hoping to run a scalable data solution. It's nice to see a postgre connector is inbound... but I'm really interested to hear what others are working with in this space.

    Connection Strings to AZURE databases & SQLEXPRESS locally perhaps? (which brings back the risk of works on my machine, just try to do anything with SQL encryption)

    Vitesse (mysql) seems another really interesting data-solution for Core.NET as that is designed to be a container-y database (but the adaptor would need to be written)

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    Hi Alex,

    For SQLEXPRESS containers you should have a look at  I wish that was the way MS was headed with containers on servers but it seems it will be very different.

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