SysSieve: Extracting Actionable Insights from Unstructured Text

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    I can use sys.sieve today in my enterprise apps.  I haven't solicited feedback from users via my apps yet because I don't know the best way to process their comments besides reading each one myself, one at a time, arghhhh.  sys.sieve could help.

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    This sounds pretty amazing! Is it publicly available for download yet?

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    This sounds as if you're mostly hearing the most common opinions. That's only half of the story.


    You should probably also listen to individual stories and bug reports. As a solution, you could mark users internally that provide useful bug reports and give more visibility to other reports from those users. This way you wouldn't drown in common, loud & noisy feedback.

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    Navendu Jain

    Thanks for the comments!

    @destinchfie​ld, @Matt: Thanks for your interest. Currently, SysSieve is being used internally within Microsoft product teams. We are working with our cloud team to make it available to external customers; I'll add the details when this offering becomes publicly available.

    @deiruch: Thanks for your question. SysSieve analyzes each input data (e.g., customer feedback, incident/bug report) and produces the corresponding actionable output so it does not miss any data point. One of SysSieve's design principle is to avoid making any domain specific assumption to eliminate any bias. Your suggestion of assigning relatively higher weights to feedback from a subset of users can certainly be incorporated as post processing/reporting analysis.

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