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The future of Entity Framework (EF7)

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In this entry we're continuing the discussion of Entity Framework by looking toward the future. We focus primarily on EF7 and its primary design decisions. It was truly enlightening  

As an aside, I spent a couple of days with Rowan (and team) recording more videos regarding Entity Framework 7 and some of the new features to look for in the coming release. Stay tuned!


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  • Good talk. An expected release date would have been nice.

  • I think EF7 is going to be great but you should really consider calling it EF light or something, not EF7, its really no a representative name, its not an evolution of EF6 and EF6 will still be used alot after EF7 comes out.

    EF light would be alot more cler and also not give the message that  EF6 is not useful to anyone anymore

  • JonJon

    I really wish something could be done to improve startup performance for EF 6 on large models. I think it's going to be a long time before EF 7 will be usable. It would be nice if something could be done before then. Also, I need EntityDataSource. So, I will be stuck on EF 6 even when EF 7 is released. Not to mention it will probably be awhile before other vendors release providers for EF 7. I haven't heard anything about a MySQL driver. I'm assuming you can't just use a driver for EF 6 with it. EF is great, but, the story of it's life is that it's slow to release. It still hasn't matched what NHibernate was 10 years ago. Also, I think it would be good if the ADO.NET Core API could be improved. It is painful how imperative it is. I also think it's weird that ASP.NET 5 apps default to EF 7. And why is it called Beta if the feature set isn't done. It seems like it should be called a CTP.

  • @Suave: It will release when ASP.NET 5 releases, beginning of next year - see http://erikej.blogspot.dk/2015/07/getting-started-with-sql-server-compact.html

    @Jon: It is following the ASP.NET 5 release cycle (their "main sponsor") - therefore "beta 6" etc.

  • LinhLinh

    I can not see this video smoothly, it was very slow, MS should improve quality of traffic, very upset

  • Nice interview and talk on EF 7. The separation of components and support for other storage containers sound great. However, are there any moves towards performance improvements for EF as it is some what down there on the list in terms of performance?

    @Linh, That might be a problem peculiar to your own internet connectivity as it plays just fine from my end.

  • @Suave - Public roadmap is available here https://github.com/aspnet/EntityFramework/wiki/Roadmap (it includes dates).
    @aL3891 - It was a complicated decision, we could have gone either way. Here is post that walks though our though process on calling it EF7 rather than a new name http://blogs.msdn.com/b/adonet/archive/2014/10/27/ef7-v1-or-v7.aspx. I still go back and forwards on what we should have done, bottom line is that I think calling it EF7 will be more confusing for near future and better for the long term.
    @ace2610 - Yes, we are working on perfomance in EF7. Some scenarios are already significantly faster than EF6, others we are still working on improving.
  • @Jon

    Not to mention it will probably be awhile before other vendors release providers for EF 7. I haven't heard anything about a MySQL driver.
    We are working with various provider writers so that providers will be available ASAP. Many will have them at the same time as EF7 reaches RTM. I can't comment on the specifics of MySQL - their site would be a good place to ask that question (http://dev.mysql.com/).

    I also think it's weird that ASP.NET 5 apps default to EF 7.

    Weird because you think it should use EF6? Or weird because you think it should use a different data access technology?

    And why is it called Beta if the feature set isn't done.

    As Erik mentioned, this is just a by-product of being tied to ASP.NET 5 releases. I agree, we should have called it Alpha up until the most recent releases. We just didn't think about this enough.
  • I was not able to Add-Migration in class library.

    I'm using EntityFramework.Sqlite (EF7) in UWP app.

    I added model & DBContext context class in class library (code-first approach). When I tried Add-Migration, it throws error.

    Am I doing something wrong or migrations cannot be added to class library?

    Please Note: Add-Migration worked when I shifted model & DBcontext class to UWP blank project.

  • Can I get the date of when EntityFramework.SQLite 7 beta 8 will be available for UWP apps?

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