Windows 10 Virtual Secure Mode with David Hepkin

Play Windows 10 Virtual Secure Mode with David Hepkin
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The Discussion

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    How modern does the hardware need to be for this security to work?
    On what SKU of windows 10 does it work?

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    do we have a high quality version of the video?

    great going guys, keep uploading more on this low level stuff :)

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    Jason Fossen

    Great video!! More videos about future plans for Virtual Secure Mode apps please, e.g., host-based IPS agents, Bromium plug-ins, Windows licensing activation, encryption oracles, CNG key managers, Credential Manager app, Microsoft Wallet app for credit card numbers, Intel SGX integration, stealthy monitoring agents for law enforcement, DRM enforcement, VSM rootkits, etc.

    Also, please talk about the red team work you've done or hired to look for hypervisor attack vulnerabilities, e.g., VMBus fuzzing, corrupting the SLAT entries, getting around the IOMMU, etc.


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    Thank you very much for the detail coverage on Windows 10 Virtual Secure Mode.

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