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This video walks you through the creation of an IoT product, from project planning to implementation to image creation and final deployment. It includes many of the features present in commercial IoT devices, including foreground and background apps, connection to Azure, third-party integration, security features like the TPM and BitLocker, and more! This walkthrough is a valuable resource for IoT developers looking to prototype their own solutions.

Source code and documentation for the IoT Walkthrough are available here:



The Discussion

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    The video starts jumping between code view and to the laptop setting shortly after 5 minutes. It doesn't seem to be an intentional switch but it is too annoying to follow the video

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    Can you please also show the registration of an device in azure and setting up the TPM chip.

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    Please fix this video.


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    omg fire the camera operator....

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    A bit of a pain, but not too bad. Not sure why the cycling between the board and the wide image, but I could see the code and see what was going on.

    I'd say 3 of 5 rating.

    Thanks for the video.


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    Tim Graupmann

    Ah man. The second camera audio wasn't muted, so it kept auto-switching. PITA. Still cool project!

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    Please fix this video!  Skips between code and hardware are horrible. Audio is terrible as it varies based on camera angle. Completely useless video...

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    Fix the video

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    I'm interested in using Windows IoT and the Raspberry Pi but the $1,000,000 question that I keep stumbling over is device certification? If I plug any more hardware into the RPi, serial dongle for example, then would I need to get the whole kit certified again? I was wondering how other people deal with certification issue?


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    It is so annoying to follow the video. Microphone keep on switching and it is real bad.

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    The video sucks.
    -The volume is out of control.
    -The camera keeps switching.
    This was painful.

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