Windows Subsystem for Linux: Networking Overview

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Exploring the Windows Subsystem for Linux, we have looked at the architectural overview, the Pico Processes, syscalls and filesystem. In this video we focus on the networking layer. Sunil Muthuswamy discusses some of the differences between Windows and Linux networking and where the translation happens. Sunil will also walk us through the translation of typical TCP and UDP calls as well as touch on how Unix sockets are used by Linux for inter process communication.



The Discussion

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    So the Windows-Linux combination actually happens? For real? This is a dream come true :D

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    Jason Fossen

    Beauty! In the next video, please also talk about when we can expect Server Nano to run native Linux binaries for network daemons too, and by how much Microsoft expects to outperform Linux as a platform for these daemons. Thanks!

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