Windows Subsystem for Linux: Windows and Ubuntu Interoperability

Play Windows Subsystem for Linux: Windows and Ubuntu Interoperability

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    mind = blown

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    Great job! It is nice to see how you take users requests in consideration.

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    Jason Fossen

    Great video! In your next one, please talk about when this will be ported to Server Nano for running network daemons. (Also, it would be even nicer if your command-line demos used PowerShell on the Windows side instead of the old dead CMD shell, if this is currently possible.) Thank you for the video!

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    Awesomeness :) Now, if only the /lxss folder could be placed somewhere other than in my AppData folder (which is on a small C: drive - I want it on my expansive D: drive).

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    Could we get the whole set of win32 system libraries out on github? We could use those to supplement Wine. I've always wanted to run Windows on Linux on Windows on Freebsd.

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    Very good and clear explanation.


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    I love these Bash on Windows series of videos. I think the detail and description levels are perfect.

    This was my most desired feature, thanks so much for building it. I am the System Admin who ran a Windows Laptop with ubuntu VM, because I did not like the cygwin experience.

    I am excited for the day when by using Windows 2016 or within Azure, Linux containers and Windows containers can be spun up on same underlying host OS.

    Presently, I love being able to run GNU tools directly on Windows (or as near native as possible).

    I find myself respecting MS more and more as I see the quality of employees.  

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    This isn't possible to install ubuntu from local machine, I have Ubuntu 14, 15.10 and 16.10 and I have an application that can mount their root file system (SquashFS) to a drive in windows (7-Zip can extract squashfs).
    PLease make possible to install Ubuntu from its DVD or ISO Image.
    And I have another ask. When I copy my linux binaries to C:\User\UserName\AppData\Lxss\RootFs, this not have any effect in bash. I think there's some metadatas that I don't create them. How can I create them? Where are they? In Registry???

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    That's so amazing!!!

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    Rod Blogoviminch

    Yawn... And Wine is not an Windows Emulator. Talk to me when we have somehting like the Remix OS with the backing of Redmond. It is Mac, Meets Windows,Meets Linux, Meets Android runing play store and all the other apps if you care less for Googles NSA honeypot as I do. It is all there Stick it to Google have they not you ? They broke ties, they are trying to half assedly implemnt this into Chromebooks. Cats out of the bag Remix Mini is smaller liek 3/4 smaller than a roku and 3x as powerful, it is FOSS and Jide and XDA-Deveolpores are a hairs breth to seeing it on every make, model and tv there is.

    Look into it. Until Hololens comes along and takes over, and as an early Developer copy owner. WOW. Bye Bye desktops, laptops, cell phones, and so much more.. It is so FuLL OF WIN. Ted Talk Hololens 2016 Mic dropped Out!. That and HoloLens are the future.

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