Peer to Peer Series Part 1: Intro to PNRP

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This kick-off screencast introduces you to the foundation of Peer-to-Peer applications, PNRP.  Peer Name Resolution Protocol is the the underlying mechanism used by applications to discover peers on a network.  This can either be a local subnet or the Internet at large.  One of the great things about PRNP is that is even works across NAT devices.

In this screencast, I introduce you some fundamental PNRP concepts and show how you can use the command line to test out the basics.  This screencast is not intended to be a deep dive technical exploration.  Rather, it lays a sufficient foundation for you to understand what is going on in future screencasts and lets you get started building P2P applications as soon as possible.

If you are interested in more technical information on PRNP, check out the following links:



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