Peer to Peer Series Part 4: Resolving Peer Names Asynchronously

Play Peer to Peer Series Part 4: Resolving Peer Names Asynchronously

The Discussion

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    Your demo points out a symptom I am experiencing... On a single link-local network, I am experience 10+ seconds resolve times... Not always, but they do seem to occur... Your example also demonstrates a resolve time of >10 sec, even though you mention all machines are on a single network. I assume there are settings to fine tune. I plan to use resolve as a sort of user sign on, and these response times would not fit into the plan.


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    When using PNRP out of the box, I am not sure if there is a way to shorten that resolve time.  However, you could try building your own customer resolver.  There is an example of that provided in the WCF SDK sampeles.  That would be a lot faster but would require you to host a resolving service somewhere.

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