Video of installing the SQL Server Compact Edition

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To get a feel for what it means to install the SQL Server Compact Edition here's a screencast that describes the installation experience and the minimal impact to your machine.  This covers the download from: SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition CTP Download 

The screencast also covers how to install the ClickOnce bootstrapper package within Visual Studio to cleanly enable deploying SQL Server Everywhere with ClickOnce.

For info on SQL Server Compact Edition, there's been a healthy discussion on my blog a




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The Discussion

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    Beware the uninstallation's affect on Visual Studio 2005:

    "After uninstall of SQL Everywhere (Beta) it doesn't restore the Server explorer links to SQL Mobile to integrate with Visual Studio!  If you try uninstalling and reinstalling SQL Mobile this doesn't fix the problem nor does uninstalling just Visual Studio or just SQL Server.  I had to totally uninstall SQL Server and Visual Studio to get it working with SQL Mobile."

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    While it may not be 100% obvious, to restore back SQL Mobile 3.0, all you would need to do is re-install the SQL Mobile MSI that ships with Visual Studio 2005. 

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