Visual Studio Orcas Sync Designer for Caching Data in SQL Server Compact Edition

Play Visual Studio Orcas Sync Designer for Caching Data in SQL Server Compact Edition
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In this screen cast I demonstrates the new Sync Designer for caching data locally in SQL Server Compact Edition.  This is part 1 showing the basics.  In part 2 I'll demonstrate how to split the code from client to server using WCF to synchronize data across internet protocols.

For more info about our Occasionally Connected Services scenarios, and Sync Services for ADO.NET, you can use the following links:
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The Discussion

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    Great feature. Should really make sync a lot easier. I can think of many projects which will benefit from this as soon as we have a proper beta.

    There are a couple of problems with the video.

    1) It doesn't fill the frame - there is a lot of black space around the picture.

    2) There's only about 15 minutes of video in a 25 minute file.

    Simon Jones

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    Thanks simon.  When I added the image at the end of the screen cast it was accidently captured at a higher resolution and when I encoded the screencast it reduced the Visual Studio portion.  The blank space at the end was another mistake.  I originally had this as one screen cast, and split it in two.  Apparently I didn't fix the timeline. 
    I'll see if I can re-do it soon.  I did fix this in part 2...

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