Device to Cloud, Hands-On. Part 2: Pattern Overview and Commands with HTTP

Play Device to Cloud, Hands-On. Part 2: Pattern Overview and Commands with HTTP

The Discussion

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    Only 2 parts into the series but like it already.
    I have a netduino plus 2 so I'm curious to see what's next...

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    This series looks very interesting - especially the use of the Arduino. Subscribed!

    (Oh and by the way - is that a flux capacitor on your t-short and is that Darth Vader having a grip-pf-death on the Apple logo? Good sense of humor Smiley )

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    Clemens, great series on microcontrollers!  I have a couple comments and suggestions about the topics you cover.  First, you should look at BeagleBones.  The latest, BeagleBone Black, uses a 1GHz ARM processor, 512MB DDR2 RAM, 2GB flash storage, Ethernet, HDMI, etc for $45.  As far as I know, it's the best microcomputer available today.     It is Linux based and perhaps more importantly, runs node.js.  This device screams to be connected to the Internet! 

    I haven't had time to fully explore it, but it seems that the availability of Node on a device would allow use of a wide variety of javascript libraries to overcome the security concerns you have raised.  Configuring your device with an Oauth2 library, client id, and secret to communicate over SSL would achieve a level of security that is well accepted and used on the Internet today.  Additionally, configuring the device to be a SignalR or client would allow for realtime communication. 

    I haven't watched past Part 2, but yet I'm looking forward to see what you do with Service Bus!

    If you are ever down in San Diego, we are always looking for speakers for our group:



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