Device to Cloud, Part 8: The Pi Code. OBDII to AMQP to Cloud.

Play Device to Cloud, Part 8: The Pi Code. OBDII to AMQP to Cloud.
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This is the last (numbered) episode in this series and I'm showing you the code that runs on the Pi in my car as well as the server side code that pumps the data into storage. Mind that the code is built for demo/explanation purposes, so it's not as robust as production code would be and it's missing retry and failure detection logic.

GitHub repo 
Startup Script: 
Qpid Proton: (GitHub
OBDGPSLogger Original

See you next year with a new set of episode and have great holidays!





The Discussion

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    For those wanting to interface their smart phones with their cars OpenXC is an interesting open source platform .

    The Bluetooth RFComm interface on the OpenXC dongle can be used from either Android or Windows Phone 8. The OpenXC dongle outputs JSON (or optionally protobuf) so it is easy to understand and use the messages that the car is sending.



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