The Service Bus Security Model

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In this episode I'm joined by our Service Bus Security and Relay PM Santosh Chandwani. We discuss the Service Bus security model including the security boundaries we have in the system and how end-to-end authentication/authorization differ from the authorization gate at the Service Bus edge.

We talk about authentication and authorization options and token flow, Santosh explains the new shared-access key model in Service Bus, and how Authorization rules play a role there.

The motioned SbAzTool sample is here and you can find more about the ACS integration in the docs. The shared access key documentation is forthcoming.





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The Discussion

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    Very useful. Pity I had to listen to tens of hours of linear video before finding this information rather than being able so simply search for info with Bing.

    Tip: please be careful to call out all acronymns. Trying to work out what you are talking about is difficult especially if you are not sure whether a letter in an acronym you are saying is an S or a T etc

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