Satya Nadella on Cybersecurity and Microsoft’s new Cyber Defense Operations Center

Play Satya Nadella on Cybersecurity and Microsoft’s new Cyber Defense Operations Center

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    love it!

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    Excellent solution and protection for all.

    God bless all.

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    Mirza Ghulam Rasyid

    That's excellent steps MS!! Keep it up. Hopefully, Windows becomes more secure and hard to be cracked by Hacker/Cracker!!

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    Excellent news again from MS.Thank you all for keep trying to make our digital world better and safer!

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    Harry Stein

    How will device guard (prevents download and installs) stop PC manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Asus, etc. from imaging out of the box software with services and processes that are unsigned (example, Realtek)? Buy a PC, install a typical new printer and launch Microsoft procexp and check out all the unsigned software! How do you get this cooperation? How do you run a complex Linux BIOS in a virtual machine once I allow it to be flashed and updated on my PC?

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    Laurens van der Vleuten

    Microsoft is going the wrong way.
    It is assuming everything is already cloud/cloud-only.
    Ignoring the many applications that aren't cloud capable.

    Windows Hello is a home user product.
    It is set up by the end-user, using it's own 4 digit PIN !
    Totally not suitable for Enterprise purpose.

    And with removing NAP from Windows 10 it creates an even bigger gap in Enterprise security, where you had the capability to nativly distinguish your Corporate devices from BYOD devices. And even put them in separate VLAN's for improved security.

    Not using some fancy new technology based on a hardware camera.
    But just by owning a device that is present in your AD.

    Read more about the last issue at:

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