Taste of Premier: Directory Consolidation with Windows Azure Active Directory Migration Services

Play Taste of Premier: Directory Consolidation with Windows Azure Active Directory Migration Services


Lex Thomas welcomes Sr. Architects Jim Goodrow and Alan von Weltin to the show as they discuss how Active Directory Migration Services (ADMS) has evolved into a Cloud Service with Windows Azure. Tune in as they discuss how ADMS runs in the cloud as well as show us what this looks like in action.

  • [2:07] We understand the ADMS is now a cloud service. Before we dive deeper into that, can you first tell us what Active Directory Migration Services (ADMS) is?
  • [6:04] What does it mean to run ADMS in the cloud?
  • [10:40] Who should use this service? Is it ideal for anyone?
  • [11:55] DEMO: Windows Azure ADMS in action
  • [28:22] How can customers get started?

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