Building Microservices on Azure: How to Get Started with the Application Revolution Powered by the Cloud

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Software Methodologies, process, patterns, platform, and devices are constantly evolving. Fast, agile, inexpensive, and massively scalable infrastructure, is improving operational efficiency and enabling faster-time-to-value across industries. However, many companies are finding that making their applications highly available, scalable and agile is still challenging.

Join Lex Thomas and Razi Rais as they cover the Microservices landscape -  from what it is to how your organization and customers can benefit from it. They’ll discuss how Azure Container Service and Azure Service Fabric are two major services that provide easy options to deploy large scale microservices on Azure as well as show us how to build a simple fully functional microservice in a cross-platform manner. 

    • [0:40] What is a Microservice and how can organizations benefit from them?
    • [5:58] What are the basic principles of Microservices?
    • [10:15] How are these principles implemented?
    • [11:28] What hosting options are available in Azure for Microservices?
    • [17:17] Let's chat about the Azure Service Fabric and Azure Container Service --- how does this fit into microservices?
    • [27:45] DEMO: How to get started on Microservices on Azure

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    Ian Lee

    Nice demos. Thanks. However, I interpret Razi's shirt to say "i 8 SUM Pi..." :)

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