Predictions for 2017 and Beyond: A look into what's driving the future of technology with Microsoft CTO of Services, Norm Judah

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Lex Thomas welcomes back Microsoft Services CTO Norm Judah to the show for their annual discussion around the Future of Technology. Tune in as they check in to see where they stand on last year’s predictions as well as review some of the major trends and challenges that will shape what new innovative tech is coming our way.

  • [1:25] Two years ago we were joking about connected socks and park benches. Is that a reality now?
  • [3:10] Where have we seen innovations in IoT devices make an impact?
  • [6:13] What should children be learning now, so that they can be prepared for the workforce in 20-30 years?
  • [7:58] Now that we have all of this data, what can we do with it? How does Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) fit into the equation?
  • [9:20] When do the questions about privacy and ethics come into play?
  • [13:32] What impact do you see augmented reality playing in our future?
  • [27:45] Will this VR,AR, or mixed reality technology replace going to theme parks physically?
  • [29:51] What do you think we can see coming in the next year or so?

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