Digital Certificates 101: Understanding, Managing & Supporting Public Key Infrastructure & Active Directory Certificate Services

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Digital certificates is a digital form of identification, much like a passport or driver's license. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) provides the means for digital certificates to be used by issuing certificates and making them accessible through a directory. PKI also validates digital certificates by verifying the authenticity of the certificate, the validity of the certificate, and that the certificate is trustworthy.

Join Lex Thomas as he welcomes Wes Hammond to the show as they give us an in-depth overview of PKI and Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) as well as what Microsoft Premier offerings are available.

  • [1:40] Why are digital certificates (PKI, Active Directory Certificates, etc.) important?
  • [5:02] What can you tell us about PKI and the role it plays?
  • [13:35] What is SHA-1 Deprecation?
  • [20:50] What are some Premier offerings around ADCS?

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