Best Things to See, Do and Eat in Madrid, Spain

The Discussion

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    Heather Newman

    Great post Denise! See you there soon.

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    I only do a remarks for the safety picks.

    - The great problem are pickpockets in the subway or in zones with great people agglomeration like Sol or Carmen Street. Having this in mind you have not problems, I use in subway e-readers or my Samsung Smart Pc in all sites and I carry my rucksack in town everywhere. In subway I take care carrying in one shoulder in order to put hard pickpockets can unzipping it.

    - The Taxis are clearly identified, in Spain are forbidden do this this work to particular cars. In this case the most common is that the driver do a "free" touring for extend the ride (and obviously charge more cash). In Madrid taxis are white cars with a red stripe in the front doors and a green light in the roof.

    Guys, this Teched is in Madrid, Spain, Europe, see an atlas or Wikipedia. In the city exist security problems and exist bad neighborhood but the bad neighborhood are not comparable with equivalents in the US or  South America.

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    Hi everybody
    I am from Madrid. It is true there are pickpockets in the most tourist areas, especially in the "Rastro", an old and crowded market.
    Taxis use to be secure and serious. Always ask for the ticket. A taxi from the Airport to the center of Madrid is about 30-35 €.
    About the bad neighborhoods, forget it. There are not security problems in Madrid (except the pickpockets). I am pretty sure you will enjoy the city, our museums, bars, historical buildings....and night :-)

    About the safety tips, they are excessive but accepted as recommendatios when you visit a any country. Same for Paris, London, Roma....
    Have a nice TechEd :-)

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    It's the same anywhere in the world in the bigger cities. You just got to be vigilant, sensible and enjoy yourself. I'm looking forward to visiting Madrid for the first time and can't wait to do the point, smile and nod...with a bit of Afrikaans just to confuse the situation a and nod again.

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    Yes, safety consciousness is a responsibility for all concerned.

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    Thanks for the great tips. Having a great time here at TechEd 2013.

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