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Join the celebration at TechEd 2013!

The Microsoft TechEd attendee party is a highlight of the conference, and we hope you've marked your calendar and are planning to join in the celebration. This is your chance to relax and have some fun with your colleagues in the TechEd Community—and you're in for a great evening, whether you're attending TechEd North America in New Orleans, or TechEd Europe in Madrid. Don't miss the fun!

TechEd North America Closing Party

Thursday, June 6 | 7:30pm – 12:00 midnight

Get ready to experience an incredible night as TechEd transforms the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the Closing Party. Part of the dome floor will be covered in field turf where you can attempt a field goal, try your luck at a quarterback pass, or cheer on your friends and colleagues. Experience a fabulous line-up of great local music—listen, sing along, or dance the night away. A favorite icon in New Orleans, recent renovations have made the Superdome one of the top ten domed stadiums in the country. Host of this year's Super Bowl XLVII and home to the NFL's New Orleans Saints, the Superdome welcomes TechEd attendees as their VIPs for the night. It's sure to be an exciting and memorable celebration! 

TechEd Europe Country Drinks

Wednesday 26 June | 20:00 - 23:00

After two full days of sessions and labs, Country Drinks is your chance to relax, network and have drinks with other delegates from your country. Enjoy a menu of Spanish tapas and soft drinks, beer, wine, cava or sangria while at El Paseo de la Gastronomía, located in the southwest area of the city (just 5 minutes from the Plaza of Spain) in the Casa de Campo Fairgrounds. Housed in traditional and historic buildings, the restaurants of the Paseo de la Gastronomía combine excellent cuisine and beautiful surroundings—each with its own distinctive flavor. Join us for an unforgettable evening in Madrid!

Visit our Connect page for additional information on special events and activities at TechEd North America and TechEd Europe.


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  • Steve in PAStevLaw Yes, I am excited about TechED 2013

    This should be so cool. At least I won't get sick on the roller coasters this year Smiley

  • Rod RobinsonRod Robinson

    I hope this isn't inappropriate. I am looking for an extra closing party wristband for my spouse. Free preferred but will offer a nominal fee if you don't plan to use yours. Thanks in advance.

  • IDK, the rest of my work team got to go to TechEd last year in Orlando and Microsoft rented out the whole Islands of Adventure at Universal for the night including the new Harry Potter one. Even the Mardi Gras World one during the 2010 TechEd seems more interesting.  

    Bit disappointed in venue.

  • I agree I was at the Last TechEd in NOLA, Mardi Gras world was great. The Superdome doesn't sound as exciting. Then again I am not a Saints fan either.

  • Pete SPete S

    Yeah I'm not impressed with this choice either.

  • This is a let down.  At least they could have arranged to have a famous band.

  • Pete SPete S

    I can see local bands any night of the week in New Orleans.

  • enspositoensposito Woohoo!

    Can't wait for the closing party at the SuperDome.  I'm gunning for a 40 yard field goal.

  • I'm totally excited to see the Superdome!

  • Randy HelmsRandy Helms


  • Trever SchmalzTrever Schmalz

    So its just local music? Dang, I could hang out on the street for that. So what exactly am I paying $250 for my wife ans son to attend for? Please respond

  • Hopefully there will be a surprise band or appearance

  • rmatteirmattei (√-1) 8 Σ π ... and it was amazing

    Meh... it sounds OK, but could be much better.

  • A bit of a let down.  Maybe it will end up being pretty neat (fingers crossed here).  I'm not a Saints fan though.  Smiley

  • Agree big let down, but what else is there in New Orleans.  Cisco had their Networkers party there a few years ago and we left after about 30 minutes of walking around.  It's a dome....

  • Brian DoreBrian Dore

    Last time the party was in the Superdome they had a carnival with rides and games and Cheap Trick and Steve Winwood played live.

  • I agree with most of you, a let down.  But where else can you fit thousands of people in NO?  I dunno.  I went to a pre-season Saints game a couple of years ago.  Had a great time, but there is nothing special about the Superdome otherwise.  In fact, the Jets had a season ticket holders party at Met Life Stadium for the 2013 draft just recently and it was pretty much the same thing as this, minus the local music.  My wife and I may skip it.


    eh... after a few drinks, who cares? That's all they know how to do in NO anyway. Wink Drinks and blues... I will take it! 

  • I am likewise a little disappointed about the party.  Of course - not many options for a large crowd event in New Orleans. A agree with previous post - maybe a big headliner or something would have made it more interesting.  

    Last year - Orlando - Islands of Adventure ROCKED!!!  Microsoft was first class all the way - everything was free, park was limited to Microsoft attendee's - well done!

    So - we'll have a great conference - learn lots of stuff and make great connections. However - kicking footballs and watching people get drunk because of nothing else interesting to do - probably means an early flight home on Thursday.

    Maybe next year things will be back on track Smiley

  • I'm a bit disappointed with this as well, used to the amusement park, etc. type of closing event.  My guess is the superdome was so expensive to rent that it left little $$ to do anything else with.  This is the first time my wife is coming with me, I've been touting the closing party for months and when we found out it was this, it was really disappointing.

    I guess if there's free alcohol we can get our monies worth in top shelf liquor :/ Can't believe I paid an extra $125 for her to go, money not well spent.

    Here's to hoping there's some unannounced surprise!

  • Well, I must admit being disappointed too.  The Mardis Gras Museum was great, but mostly because of the music.

    The party at the Aquarium was great too, because of the food and the music and the outdoor venue.

    I've been to a Superdome party before and they can be great.  Top notch music acts are very likely.  Food should be good too.  The fairground rides and stalls I can do without, personally.  There really had better be decent beer though.

  • Wow...this is a major let-down.  I've been to much smaller conferences that have had much better after-parties.  Thankfully I didn't buy my wife a ticket ahead of time...kicking a football and playing quarterback is not really very exciting...sounds like a Saturday.   Guess I'll find a sports bar and catch the hockey game.   Anyone want to buy my ticket?

  • Glad to see I am not the only one disappointed with this choice of venue. I was at last year's event and it was quite impressive. But again it was the 20 year anniversary of TechEd. I too am bringing my wife - hope it's not too much of a let down.

    Free food and drink anyway.

  • Really?  I am bringing my wife also.

  • GregGHH

    Yeah I agree, I was talking it up to my wife and now I get to tell her there will be lots of seats and a field...

  • I am looking to buy one Closing Party ticket. Let me know if interested in selling. You can text or call me at (303) 895-6188. Have cash in hand.

  • Todd ItsonTodd Itson

    I am not attending the closing party, and will sell my ticket for $50. titson@gmail.com

  • @Todd Itson: interested


  • Looking for two tickets. Text me at 563-299-4441

  • I have an extra wristband for the show tomorrow if anyone is interested. 614-500-3688

  • SonnySonny

    Looking for 1 ticket. Email schippett@hotmail.com.

  • PetePete

    I have a ticket for sale. Text 423-967-0898

  • Ticket for sale. E-mail labu@atea.dk

  • Greg BrunerGreg Bruner

    Venue is a major disappointment! It's a football field! How lame! If someone needs a ticket, email me. You can have it! Wouldn't feel right selling it its so pathetic!

  • GregGreg

    Free ticket gjbruner@msn.com

  • Frank VFrank V

    Some of our group are flying out early to get ahead of the east coast weather. 3 tickets available for very reasonable price. frankvtpb@gmail.com

  • if anyone is giving away tickets please message me... 850-855-five eight eight 6... I need 2 more. thanks!! Hope you had a great TechED!!

  • KyleKyle

    I think it's great that Microsoft is throwing an after party :) They didn't need to.

    Thank you for a great conference

  • I am really unhappy with the party, was better in the past years!!!

  • JudithJudith

    I too was a little bummed by the venue till Tina Turner and the Tinettes lit things up! I dug the brass band before Tina, but the Mojo band after her was nuts! Any one have any deets on which mojo band that was? I think they could all play keyboard with their toes and blow brass and dance at the same time somehow. Great show!


    Band is called Mojeaux. From New Orleans. They have a FB page too

  • Anyone know if there is a surprise band/singer at TechEd Europe ... and who it might be ?

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