Roundtable Discussion Reveals the Key Benefits of Attending TechEd Europe

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Networking, access to product experts, and learning about what's new. Those were the top three benefits of attending, according to an international team of TechEd alumni who joined us for the Microsoft TechEd Europe 2014 Roundtable discussion held in Barcelona on 10 June.

We invited active TechEd community members to Barcelona to get a behind-the-scenes look at how we plan TechEd Europe. Together, we walked through our early planning for the layout of TechEd in the Fira Barcelona Gran Via. We discussed the key highlights of the event and asked for feedback on each item, eager to hear insights from our customers that will help us build a great event experience for everyone in 2014.

Roundtable participants talked over their varied likes, dislikes, and insights on discussion topics covering Pre-Conference Seminars, Keynote, Breakout Sessions, Hands-on Labs, TechExpo Welcome Reception, Forums, and Country Drinks.

Finally, we asked them to share the one thing that, for each of them, can't be missed at TechEd Europe. Here's what they had to say:


  • "Learning new things—level 300 and 400 stuff—including why things don't work. I go to TechEd for the headlines, not to talk about the bread and butter." Aidan Finn, @joe_elway, Hyper-V MVP and Tech Sales Lead, Ireland

  • "Networking opportunities. Sit down with experts and talk about solutions you require. Draw through examples with experts on the whiteboard."Simon Davis, @SidetNee, Developer, UK

  • "Breakout Sessions. Getting deeper knowledge into the things I should know and a short big pictures of the new things. Listening to questions from other attendees. Networking. All in one compact framework. I also get ideas on where to look for information after the event."Dieter Rauscher, @Dieter_Rauscher, Cloud Consultant, Germany

  • "Technical stuff and meeting product experts like Jeff Woolsey. Networking and making good friends."Bjarne Duelund, @bduelund, Hyper-V Hosting, Denmark

  • "Breakouts were the most important to me when I started as a TechEd newbie. Now I go for content the community cannot deliver. I'm finding that networking and talking with experts is more and more important, and the range of forms of content also.Tim Nilimaa, @timnilimaa, Enterprise Client Management, Sweden

  • "Meeting like-minded people independent of what country you're from. I thought TechEd would be sales and marketing, but it's not. I like the diversity of topics. I learned how to sort issues out at TechEd."Fredrik Nilsson, @FredrikNilsson_ , Senior Infrastructure Consultant and Independent Trainer, Sweden

  • "Initially, I went to get as much content into my brain as possible. Now, I'm looking for "nuggets" of information. It's all about networking and engaging with the community. Working with the scripting guys. Getting inspired about what you can do tomorrow."Sean Kearney, @energizedtech, "Honorary Scripting Guy, TechNet" Canada

  • "Meeting Microsoft product team members. As a speaker and expert in the IT field, I'm already up-to-speed on information. I like to speak to product teams to learn what is new."Adnan Hendricks, @microspecialist, MVP, MCT, IT Infrastructure Evangelist, The Netherlands

  • "I'm the only one from my former company to attend TechEd. I'm there to take in all of the information and bring it back to the rest of the team. While I'm at TechEd, I get text messages from colleagues at work to get additional questions answered by the experts. I lobbied a number of years to attend TechEd. My manager was delighted when I came back from TechEd, and said it was money well spent.Alan Doran, @AlanDoran, Senior IT Engineer, Ireland

We're grateful to have had the opportunity to hear what our community expect of and take away from Microsoft events. TechEd is your best source for deep technical education and the latest news, trends, and resources that make you an expert in your field and prepare you for tomorrow's innovations.

Thank you to all of the Roundtable participants for taking part in this amazing discussion! We'll be posting more results of the Roundtable in future blog posts, on our Instagram account and on our Facebook page, so watch for more insights and videos coming soon.

Don't hesitate—take part in the incredible networking and learning opportunity that only TechEd can offer. Register today.

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