Announcing: Microsoft’s Unified Technology Event for Enterprises

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    WOW - announced finally!

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    Excellent location. Great announcement.

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    Cool - hope to make this one!

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    Great!  Awesome to see not only is it officially on, but bigger than the last few years!   Cant wait to hear more!  "Microsoft's Unified Technology Event for Enterprises" Sounds pretty all encompassing.

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    Brent Ozar

    M.U.T.E.E.? Is that pronounced like booty, but more as boo-tay?

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    Paul Thomsen

    There must be an internal Microsoft class for naming things...

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    On Star Wars day. Classy...

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    Interesting...Date Saved.  I will (im)patiently wait for more details...

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    Finally...The News!  Now let's begin venue speculation!  ;)  McCormick Place or that one in Rosemont?


    -=- mf

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    So goodbye Teched?  Why not keep the name Teched?  Didn't Teched assume the Exchange Conference?  At one time the SMS conference?  I'll only attend if we can have the same Azure saturation in EVERY session...

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    Will this be the end of MEC?
    In my opinion this kills the whole idea of MEC where specialists from one field get together and discuss and share ideas about one specific topic.
    Almost everyone who attended MEC loved the smaller conference and preferred it over Teched because Teched is too big and not specialized enough.

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    Hmm one big super conference...Not sure how I feel about this.  The last TechEd seemed really crowed as is. 

    Are they combining the SharePoint, Lync and Exchange conference into this as well?  If so they really need to have deep dive content for each of these as most of the sessions as this last TechEd really did not dive deep enough into the products.  They were very general.

    Thank goodness its in Chicago.  Other than the gun violence its a much better choice than Houston.



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    I will say for large enterprise this is a bad move. I certainly understand the cost efficiencies, we are under the same mandate but:

    • This means approval for several engineers to attend the same event, and while you may get a little discount it is much harder (don't ask for logic) to get approval for 10 to go to one conference than 2 to five different conferences spread out across the year.
    • A lot more engineers and developers all gone at the same time. This one hurts the most.
    • Content, hopefully will not get diluted. This is why I was overjoyed to see MEC come back. With 13K+ attendees, individualization just doesn't scale from MS, vendors, sponsors, event staff, etc. Ever been to vmworld? ;)
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    MUTEE? Yuck.

    How about Microsoft's Event for Enterprise Technology - MEET? 


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    TechEd this year was over crowded and the session felt like a sales pitch for 365. Sound like this may be more over crowding and to much 365. I like Microsoft 365 but still have to manage on premise systems. I am still getting calls from venders from Tech that want to sell my programing stuff with I an a sysadmin. Having all in one place is going to be hard on the vendors.

    P.S. the name really need to be changed.

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    Sweet!  Looking forward to it!

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    Awesome... Looking forward for it...:)

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    Microsoft, One company One Conference...TechEd was good but MMS was really out of this world as it was a much more technical deep dive into the product suite!  Interested in seeing what comes of it though.  One large conference is hard to get many people to go to though as well.

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    Sounds exciting

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    Not a fan of consolidation of events.  I can only send one, maybe two engineers per event.  In the past, that meant MMS for my System Center and junior engineer.  TechEd for my Desktop Engineer, and a junior engineer... I'd rather have 4 or 5 medium sized events that go deeper on a smaller range of technologies than one huge, overcrowded, bland event.

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    This is cross-selling cost-cutting change to the disadvantage of most specialists.
    There is no way to get the broad and deep coverage as the SharePoint conference with more than 8000 attendees had this year for example.

    This is a shame, a fail and will probably have to be reversed in future when the damage has been realised.

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    Just updated the post above: To be clear, TechEd lives on. This event will be a part of and an enhancement of TechEd, co locating with that event to ensure the world of IT gets optimal access to all of the best resources in one place. 

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    DBegley with all due respect you have confused me even more. Will this event be TechEd or will there be yet another event called TechEd? A unified event sounds fine to me but there lacks a level of clarity as to what this is and what it will be called. 

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    John P

    How does this affect TechEd in other parts of the world, like Australia? We have had ours cut down to 2 days this year, but having the same 2 day conference in 2 locations in the same month, so rather than making a bigger and better conference as MUTEE will be, we're actually getting smaller.

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    Virendra Yaduvanshi


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    James Reazor

    I miss MMS.

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    Adam Fowler

    So TechEd lives on, just not in name? That is a bit of a confusing statement.

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    This makes it harder for companies with limited resources and staff to justify sending IT pros to gain knowledge on the specific Microsoft products used.

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    Jeroen Ritmeijer

    Someone moved my cheese so I have decided to not like this change. :@

    I don't really mind or care about a change to TechEd, but if this means that the separate SharePoint conference will disappear then that would be a great shame. That conference by itself pulls in well over 10K attendees each year with a very large number of in depth SharePoint only tracks as well as exhibitors relevant to just that product.

    Combining that with other technologies would be horrible for exhibitors as well as attendees. There are only so many tracks you can schedule at a time. 

    I am sure many things are still in the planning, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for good news, but based on what is said here I will probably end up disappointed.


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    Basically all we can take away from the announcements yesterday aside from the dates and the location is that the Lync, MEC, SharePoint, and Project conferences are being rolled into a new event. Per the blog posts from Steve Guggenheimer and Denise, that event will be collocated with TechEd.

    This is the same type of arrangement that was announced for MMS in 2013 and we know how that turned out (they backed out of it and held MMS as a standalone event for one final year), so who knows whether any of this will still be the case in September.

    Trying to read much more into any of it until then is an exercise in frustration. If you were planning to attend any of those events in 2015 (assuming they were going to happen since not all were annual events) or were planning to send others, block the dates on the calendar and get permission to attend now, so that you can be ready to move when we learn more in September.

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    MUTE for Enterprises - we can't hear you? We are not listening? I hope this name is replaced soon. Until then see you at MUTE 15.

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    Jose Antonio Silva

    Bad name,
    Killing huge brands like SPC and TechEd (events already too big alone)
    Events getting way to crowded and expensive for sponsors (no more devices for attendees)
    Expensive T&E for customers (like SXSW hotels)
    Companies can't afford to send more people/roles all at the same time. (IT*, Dev*, Management)

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    I am hurry to Register . Please let me know process to register


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    They have to do something really special to get me to go to this massive clusterf*ck

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    What is the benefit you are looking for with this massive conference? Cost savings for you, but I wonder what about participants... We get more and more parallel sessions.

    Should the new name be like: "MS TechConf " (legacy of "MS TechEd")

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    Well its only a 3 hour drive to Chicago from West Michigan so my whole team should be able to rent a van and do a road trip.  I have already been prepping my WTL about this consolidated event since the rumors started floating about the venue.  In fact during a 1:1 I noted how we should start researching what we want to learn, who we want to talk to, team activities like labs, etc at the beginning of the year.

    I agree with others in that I think the consolidation does little to benefit the attendee as noted you can't send your whole team and leave no one covering your sites.  Also means that you are going to have major conflicts if you want to attend SharePoint, Lync, or other typical deep dive sessions that occur during other TechEd ones.  And it will be VERY crowded, very impersonal, and has the potential for a complete cluster - you know what.

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    I thought TechEd 2014 was way over my head - this definitely will be. Too focused on developers and big enterprise. I'm a technical trainer. Would love something "less" to learn more about Windows/Office for end-user support.

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    terrible idea...I for one will skip this and so will my team.

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    "You talked, We listened" - Microsoft talked, and we lost. 

    This is gonna be too crowded, and it Will be even more difficult to schedule sessions without the feeling of missing another good presentation. This is definitely not beneficial for the learning proces, but sure beneficial for Microsoft costs.

    Comming from Europe I had hoped for another location, but so be it

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    Where in Chicago will it be?

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    Finally... But I think combining all in 1 will be little overwhelming, will have to see have this is all outlined.

    But hope to hear more this month.

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    In the announcement Microsoft Said more information in September....where is this information to be found?

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    exactly ?
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    Yeah where is this announcement?

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    Where is the updated announcement?  Also is the SharePoint, Project, etc... venues going to be in a separate location, date, so that we will not have to send the entire team and leave our customers hanging in the wind for a week?

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    Do I sound really crude if i say "just bring the MMS back" ?

    My perception was that the MMS catered more for the Products suites and the TechEd was more for the deep dive technical staff.this was easier to sell to the Organization senior management (essentially, the guys n gals with the money). with TechEd "Living On", the question i may get is that "So, MMS changed the name?"

    Either way, these are great events to attend, network and gather knowledge, not to mention the free goodies :). But justifying the attendance to both events will potentially be a challenge.

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    @PUGR:I see the reason to do this in a way to cut cost.. However, when you have companies with a large Microsoft footprint or consulting firms with large Microsoft practices, sending 20-30 people to a conference on a single date range is extreme hit to an organization. Companies will still send people to the conference but in fewer numbers to save cost themselves. Not much choice in the matter or find other 3rd party Microsoft conferences to fill in the gaps.. I see that area growing..

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    @DavidCarr:That's good to hear. Hopefully the sessions and overall "Feel" will be similar to MEC. I've been to many break-out session conferences before, but MEC was the only one dedicated to us as Exchange professionals and SMEs. Just knowing that we were all together for Exchange alone brought a certain level of camaraderie that I don't see happening at a multi-discipline conference, though I understand the challenges that Microsoft is trying to overcome with this conference (resources, cost, repeat presentations, etc).

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    @Jason: To my mind if they are going to unite all the events, which area is going to organize it? I am wondering because I would like to contact with them so my company can be a part of it. Thank you!

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