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Stay Connected with the Ch9 Events App

No matter what device you're bringing to TechEd this year, be sure to bring the Ch9 Events app with you!

Browse all the content of the conference, follow your schedule, and stay connected throughout the event.

Download Ch9 Events for Windows 8 | Windows Phone | iOS | Android

After creating your account in the app, link it to your Channel 9 account to enable synchronization of your personalized schedule.

For additional support you can reach out to: support@eventboardmobile.com

Update: Please visit http://www.eventboardmobile.com/Ch9Events/ for a FAQ and detailed installation instructions for the app.


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  • Really awesome work, I think it's great that you guys got the app out to non all devices. I think that it will be really appreciated by the attendees Smiley
  • Am getting a "cannot connect to server" error when setting up An Eventboard account. 


  • I know I am whinning but I have to say it.

    No Blackberry???? Sad


  • I tried to install the App for Android and an error appears "Application not compatible with your TOSHIBA AT300", It has Android 4.1.1 Jelly bean. Any suggestions?

    The same error appeared when I tried to install the eventboard App a week ago.

    I just tried to install it on an Hacer Iconia A500 with Icecream sandwich with the same error. App not compatible with the device.


  • @AlanD: were you eventually able to connect? If not, which platform?

  • @GioCambronero:That's odd. The manifest shows that the device in question should be supported. We'll look at it. It may be a capability that your device doesn't have/support that the app requires to run. 

  • Apple iPhone IOS 6.1.2

    Now it connects but when I create an account, it refuses the login credentials. If I then select forgot password, I'm told no eventboard account  exists. 


  • Mahmoud AminMahmoud Amin

    Windows mobile logs in but cannot login using IOS

  • Have Android I get to the part to create account to states sending e-mail confirmation but I never receive anything

  • got it working for some reason it does not like hotmail account, lol

  • Disappointed there is no Blackberry App....

    Whilst it may be loosing market share in some segments of the Market, it's still widely used. 

  • BrianBrian

    Let me add my disappointment about no Blackberry app. Especially since the headline was "no matter what device...". Also considering that a Blackberry is more common among business and I'll bet a lot of the attendees are coming as a work function.

  • Linked my Channel 9 (EventBoard) account to my external gmail account, but on my iOS it still says "There is no EventBoard account with that email address".  What else do I need to do? Won't accept any login credentials. Please help.

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    @Brian:  @CameronPike: @hkwoelf: Hey folks, let me apologize for the lack of a Blackberry app. I won't get into an argument about market share or anything like that, but essentially you know that is the type of decision that gets made in a situation like this.

    If my team (the Channel 9 dev team) had been responsible for developing their own app, we likely would have made it for only one platform due to time constraints. We decided that by partnering with a 3rd party event app company (the folks behind EventBoard) we could get *more* device coverage than we ever would have been able to manage on our own. And it worked, we have an app across 4 platforms, but we don't have anything for your platform and I know that is frustrating. I know our web experience isn't really great on a small screen, but hopefully you'll be able to access the info you need while you are at the event.

    We do have APIs available though, and if you are a crack Blackberry dev, just contact me at duncanma@microsoft.com and I'll help you get ahold of all of our session data.


  • I also cannot log in:

    Apple iPhone IOS 6.1.2

    Refuses the login credentials. If I then select forgot password, I'm told no eventboard account  exists. Even reset my password (through live) to make sure the credentials are correct.

    However, using the Windows 8 app, it works fine.

  • I linked my accounts, but I cannot see my agenda yet. How long will it take to show up?

  • so... installed it on Android, check, sync'd with Channel 9 and my Live account, check, pressed synchronize event items, check, My Agenda - What the...???? somehow it's either someone else's agenda or it's being "enhanced" with additional topics i might be interested in... UPDATE: checked the online agenda - somehow there was all kinds of stuff added because existing sessions for those slots were no longer available... yikes... all is good now after spending another hour or so cleaning it up. 

  • Also cannot login on iOS.

  • It's now working for me on the iPhone. Logged in, synced accounts & my agenda is all there in the app.  

    I just went to the app, selected forgot password & once I got the password reset, all is good. 




  • The app uses 2 stage authentication, so after you create an account, you'll receive an email asking you to verify your email address. If you never click the link in the email no account is created and you won't be able to log in.  Be sure to check your junk folder if your not seeing an email, usually delivered immediately, but I'd give it 10 mins or so before panicking....just to be sure.

    Some eager (and clever) attendees also got their hands on the base EventBoard platform before the official release of Ch9 Events and created accounts there. If that is the case, send a support request to support@eventboardmobile.com and we'll get you fixed up.


    @SocratesGS:We actually don't know the exact moment you link your account, so there is a lag before we pick up the link and grab your agenda. (We actually have a nice enhancement coming to make this instant every time.) There is a trick if you don't want to wait for your agenda though, once your accounts are linkes, you can actually log out of the app and log back in and the Ch9 Events app will download it immediately. 




  • How about at least a mobile web site?

  • This thing has serious issues my Android device. First it showed way more sessions than I added in My Agenda. Then after removing all of them and adding them back correctly it was fine for a while, then I tried to add the keynote and went back to my agenda and suddenly it was all screwed up with the same extra sessions as before. I've already wasted way too much time dealing with this thing.

  • Can you put this on the Amazon App store too. Would like to put it on my Kindle Fire HD.

  • To add on to what MSDUGAN18 said, which finally got me working on the iOS platform. Here's what I did:

    1. Visited the link listed at the top of this page to link accounts, and typed in the e-mail address I want to link
    2. Downloaded CH9 Events app, went into the User Settings section, and chose to create a NEW account using the SAME e-mail address I specified in step 1.
    3. Received nearly immediately an autoresponse e-mail from info-at-eventboardmobile-dot-com asking me to click a link to verify my account.
    4. Chose to login on the iOS app, and instantly was able to see my personalized agenda, etc.

    Hope this helps others. It's a little convoluted, but it does work.


  • Got it installed on my Galaxy S3 and my Asus Transformer tablet.  Thanks guys!

  • So after yesterday seeing a bunch of sessions in my agenda that shouldn't be there (like three times too many), this morning nothing was in my agenda at all so I added a few and they were going in there correctly so I added everything back. Afterwards I go look at my agenda and it only shows Wed & Thu sessions!? Is this app still under development? Otherwise for some reason it's useless on my phone as I have tried many times to get it correct and it keeps changing.   

  • jamesjames

    Seriously...do all the Metro App have to look the same, with the big rectangular blocks that scroll horizontally. This is getting boring

  • installed it yesterday on my W8 RT tablet and on my android phone. On both devices this morning still no sync of my schedule from ch9 account.

    On W8RT even no possibility to see my own agenda (on android it is showing but empty).

    Very disapointing.

  • Finally got it working on my Android phone after logging in and out a few times.  After all that time getting it to sync My Agenda just lists all my selected sessions but not in date/time order.  How is that of any use?  Will there be any updates to the app?

  • I can't seem to find the PalmPilot app. 

  • I tried to install this on my Asus TF700 (Transformer Pad Infinity), but the Android market says that it's not compatible.

  • RyanRyan

    I can't seem to find the NewtonOS app

  • Worked perfect on old iPhone 3GS.  Downloaded App.  Created account.  Clicked on email to verify account.  Linked accounts.  Logged out and back in and there was my agenda.  Good job.  Thanks.

  • The Android app isn't showing my agenda, even though I've created the EventBoard account and linked them. Any ideas on how to debug?

    Update: After I went in and removed, then re-added a session from the app, suddenly my entire schedule appeared. Seems like it doesn't know to sync until you actually do something. Kind of confusing.

  • Any chance of exporting your scheduled sessions to your calendar? I know you can "add to calendar" from each session's page, but being able to synch all sessions you want to attend with your calendar would be nice.

  • @hkwoelf: What's Blackberry?  LOL

  • I have to say this app is useless on iOS.  I've uninstalled it, reinstalled, tried all suggestions above, but as soon as I open the app, it says it is not connected to the internet, when the phone unquestionably is.

  • @amargeson1: Sorry to hear you're having issues. Please contact support@eventboardmobile.com .  They'll be able to see if there's anything specific to your account that is causing your issues.

  • @amargeson1: There was a brief service outage late last night and that's exactly the message your would have seen. If you're willing to try it again, you shouldn't have any trouble getting connected. To get your account setup and synced, follow the steps in the post's FAQ and you can request any additional assistance from: support@eventboardmobile.com

  • The IOS app lack support for IPAD.

    It works as in a IPHONE and the best you can do is ruuning 2x , it don't even rotate.

    Not a great work for Ipad users

  • For IPAD I found an APP on Apple store called teeu2013 which has a clean design.

    I would take a look at it as starting point ...

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