Tech Ed New Orleans: The who, what, why and The Krewe

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There are countless reasons to attend Tech Ed- but don't take it from me. Hear what alumni attendees, first-time attendees and countless others have to say about why attending this event is so important.

Plus, if you don't already know- there is a really great community called The Krewe who take the Tech Ed experience and make it into a year round IT support group with a website, meet-ups and lots of networking. Check it out!


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The Discussion

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    I appreciate the opportunity to speak. Thank you Denise, Laura, Channel 9, Microsoft, TechEd. And Thank you The Krewe! Cheers.

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    @Harjit: You're welcome! Thanks for sharing the value of TechEd and the Krewe with us!

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    I have to echo Harjit's sentiments. Thank you for putting this together and giving us the opportunity to tell everyone why we go to TechEd and what it means to us.  Thanks as well for the opportunity to continue to spread the word about the Krewe.

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    @Ladewig: We appreciate your contributions on the forums, twitter and Facebook too. Sharing your first hand experience helped many newbies and alumni Scott!

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    It was a great to be at Teched 5years in a row and counting and connecting with others who share the spirit of krewemunity
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    Rodolfo Ferreira

    As I posted at LinkedIn... TechEd in New Orleans, for me, was a nightmare and I keep asking why Microsoft choosed this city for hosting an event like that, but off course Microsoft and the event organization has things much more important to take care then answering somebody who had to do 2 surgery on face, 1 on leg and will have to stay at home for a month doing physiotherapy and trying to forget this event. Anyway, thanks Microsoft for being a "computer company" and being listless for people.

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    TechEd 2013 was a mixed bag for me.  

    Good: Well run convention. Liked NOLA better then I thought I would, made an effort to network more and joined TheKrewe this year, great Expo hall with knowledgeable vendors, hands on were good. The MS people were professional, knowledgeable, and helpful.

    Bad: Sessions felt like a level below their ranking, aka, a 300 seemed like a 200 - ended up walking out of a few because they were so basic, food was blah (not really MS fault since they have to use the hall's food), snacks were blah (seems petty but other vendor events really do a great job of this and TechEd has in the past), skipped the end party, the way the selling of the Surface was done was a mess and really wasted attendee's valuable TechEd time.

    And really, charging TechEd attendees $100 for an RT when they later give Build attendees almost $2000 of stuff?  That just seems tacky.  And why not just tell us then and there that TechNet was being done away with?  I mean that why were there, to learn about MS, how to use their products and services.  No way they did not know that then when they decided not give that away for free this year. 

    Overall, got my $2000 attendance money's worth, nothing more, nothing less.  Nothing wow'ed me (other than meeting some great people). In no way did Microsoft convey to me "we really, really value our sys-ops".  I know I hold Microsoft to high standards but I know Microsoft can do better if they want to.


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