TechEd Alumni Share the Love in Recent #IHeartTechEd Contest

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More than 100 entries were submitted for TechEd in-person and online alumni. Each told us what they love best about TechEd in our February #IHeartTechEd contest. Answers ranged from content and learning opportunities to networking, exploring the Expo Hall, and onsite Microsoft Certification, and more. If you haven't registered for TechEd 2014, read on, and learn why you don't want to miss out!

 IHeartTechEd because it's where I can...

 Learn: "Because of the 'ah-ha' moment I get in every session."

"Learning new technology often brings a new viewpoint to projects. |I'm just starting out in the IT field with no experience, and this will help grow and strengthen my skills! | It expands my knowledge of Windows 2012 and the future of Server OS. | You quickly learn about current Microsoft technology and catch up with colleagues from around the globe. | I always learn something new that I can apply and help my company. | The amount learned in the time at TechEd is priceless and indescribable...networking there is mind-blowing. | You get to learn from the best of the best. | There is no other place where you can learn so much so fast. | I get a closet full of free T-shirts and a brain oozing with technical knowledge."

Connect: "It's the BEST place for IT people to network with others from the community."

"I've made a massive network of skilled IT pro/devs I can reach out to when needed. | I get to meet, learn from, and befriend some of the best and brightest IT pros in the world | It's a chance to connect with Microsoft Product groups and ask questions. | I get to meet some of the greatest tech minds in the world.I can get up to speed on current tech, learn what's next, and connect with old tech friends | It's the perfect place to connect with the 3 P's: partners, prospects, and people who are passionate about Tech! "

Explore: "Because of the large variety of new technologies it exposes you to every year."

"Exploring TechExpo and being able to talk to the venders about products you are using, and plan to implement. | There are great labs to try out the software. | I get to see what is new, hands-on, from the professionals who built it. | It's the best resource for an MS admin and just way too fun to miss. | The experts and developers of tools I use are all in one place and I can get info straight from the horse's mouth. | I can take my technical questions directly to the product teams and get the answers I need.| I get a week to geek out, learn from experts, and connect w/ other IT pros about stuff I do every day."

Thanks to everyone who contributed. See you in Houston!

 3 Sweepstakes winners were chosen by random drawing, and received a gift certificate to dine at Underbelly, Corner Table or Sambuca, all on the list of top local restaurants in Houston.

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