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Attending TechEd? Then make sure to get the Ch9 Events app installed on your device! Browse conference content, follow your schedule, stay connected throughout the event and submit session evals afterwards

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Please note that to make the catalog easier to browse on your mobile device, we do not show Hands-on Labs, Instructor-led Labs, or Pre-Conference seminars.  All breakout sessions and foundational sessions are listed for your convenience.

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The Discussion

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    Terrible app. First you have to log into 2 different places and link your accounts together (with the same account. why?). Then go back to the app and download conferences (which doesn't work).
    This is what happens when you let a developer design an app, and don't involve users. Awful.

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    Richard Artes

    Now I get it. You have to swipe left and then select your conference. Then you can download your agenda. (Not user friendly).

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    @RichardArtes: Yes a really terrible app with ugly UI.I don't understand why MS haven't done a better app. This one has been the same for years. And it doesn't even contain all info. No pre-conf, Hands-on Labs or Instructor-led Labs :(

    Look at a really nice app/web with all info & social networking you need with a really nice and modern UI! 

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    I cannot download my Agenda, I linked two accounts together (Android Phone)

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