The Microsoft TechEd 2013 bag is revealed…and once again, it’s super-green.

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We love our TechEd bags... and this year's TSA-friendly, "upcycled" attendee bag created by Oregon-based LOOPTWORKS will conserve a whopping 33.6 gallons of water EACH and avoid 70% of carbon emissions.  That's something to feel great about!

Check out LOOPTWORKS to learn how they take discarded pre-consumer materials and create one-of-a-kind clothing and gear that is, quite possibly, saving the planet one T-shirt (or bag) at a time. Did you know that it takes 400 gallons of water to create a single 100% cotton T-shirt, and that every week one factory can dispose of as much as 60,000 lbs. of textile waste? That all goes to landfills, unless LOOPTWORKS turns it into cool clothing, gear, or... a TechEd 2013 backpack. 

This is the bag for both TechEd Europe and TechEd North America. The picture below features the TechEd North America logo.  Additional sponsor logos will be added to the final version.

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 What's the most important item you'll carry onsite in your TechEd bag?

Register for TechEd North America by Friday, March 22 and Save $300.

Register for TechEd Europe by Friday, 22 March and Save €300.


The Discussion

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    Is the thumbnail supposed to open a full size view of the bag? I had to download the image to see it full size. (My post with full size photo.)

    Since the post is tagged with both TechEd and TechEd Europe, does that mean Europe will use the same bag or will their bag be different?

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    Looks good.  Seems like it'll hold quite a bit.

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    Nice to see it's an Oregon based company.  Smiley

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    Rod Trent

    As long as each bag comes with a Surface Pro, you're golden.

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    @Ladewig The bag is for both TechEd North America and TechEd Europe. The logo will be different for each location.
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    Any pics available of the bag open? Curious to see the storage options inside. Not that it matters, but is it no frills or is it full of internal features like my Ogio?

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    Really like my TechEd looptworks bag from last year, held up really well. Certainly better than some of the bags from past years. 

    Last years bag was a little tight trying to get my laptop into but I would imagine a surface would fit just perfectly

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    Last years bag is by far my favourite bag. Love all the exterior zippers so my stuff doesn't fall out and it fits my laptop perfectly. I hope this years is as awesome as last years!

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    Dr BA

    Just needs to be big enough to hold my surface pro!

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    Backpack in VMworld 2011 was much stronger and better than backpack in Teched 2012. In this year TechEd backapcks was better than prevevius year?

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    Any bags left over from last years TechEd ?

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    Hello all.  I am a total TechEd NooB.  I registered early to save the $300 bucks and will be attending the pre-con.  Any TechEd advice or recommendations would be welcome. 

    Looks like a sweet bag, I wonder if I can get it early?

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    @MackRobinson also a total TechEd noob so you're not alone. The actual TechEd NA forum on here has lots of good information for new attendees like us.

    As far as the bag goes, I'm going to be curious about the impressions and feedback about it from folks. Since they're a local company, to me, I hit them up that I was going to be attending and they expressed interest in hearing back from me on people's opinions of their product.

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    Nice. I like last year's Looptworks bag better than I thought I would, so I'm cool with this new one. Hope it has a sleeve for my Surface, as well as a sleeve WITH the Surface we'll all be getting, right??! :)

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    I liked last years TechEd Looptworks backpack so much I've mad it my primary bag to/from work.  I will say the stitching has started to unravel along a couple of the seams.  Hopefully 2.0 this year will be even better - looking forward to checking it out!

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    Claire McEachern

    Glad to hear all the great feedback on the LOOPTWORKS backpack on this forum!

    The bag last year was modeled (and almost the same) as the Kasum backpack, which is available on our site (

    This year's bag was made to fit a 15" laptop; so, it will hopefully fit the surface pro :)

    For more pics, including the interior, check out our blog post on this year's TechEd Bag (

    Please feel free to send us feedback at

    Here's to a great TechEd 2013!

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    I am still on my TechEd 2008 bag. I love it.

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    Last year's bag was wholly inadequate for a 15" notebook, and I was not the only one to note this.  One from the previous year (2011) snapped open when my son was on a bike, using it to carry his own notebook computer; the results for his hardware were dramatic.  Consequently I'd like to see as much enthusiasm committed to durability and capacity as is being committed to green-ness of production.  I'd suggest that the ecological ROI is much higher if a backpack is used for years than if it is only used for one week and then placed on a shelf forever. 

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    The 2008 bag is my favorite as well.  Had to stitch the very top of one strap on.  I use this one a lot though.  It works great with a laptop or without.  I do like last years bag a lot though.  It holds my 15" Dell laptop great.  I may take it for Tech-Ed this year since it is TSA compliant.  I never use my 2010 or 2011 bags.  2010 wasn't a good bag to take a laptop in and out.  2001 bag was the worst I've gotten.  2009 is nice but huge.  I use it to take 2 laptops.  Plus it's the only non backpack i've gotten.  I was hoping this year would be something different again.

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    @MackRobinson: Good questions- check elsewhere on Channel9 for the Tech-Ed North America for some fine suggestions; there will be lots more in the weeks to come....

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    salut tout le monde...

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    And on top of the ECO Friendliness it has something that Powershell People with LOVE! It has BLUE - perfect for use with Powershell Scripts Smiley

    GET-MSTECHED | REGISTER-NOW ; #powershell Smiley

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    What size laptop will fit in the bag?

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    If we only go to pre-con do we get this bag also or is it just for the "normal" con?

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    I keep all of my bags - well, some of them I give to my kid - but my 17" laptop just won't fit into any of them.  So, other than TechEd, I never use them Sad  It's too bad, too, because this one is TSA-friendly.

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    Kinda liked last years bag(s) better, rather cool looking in fact, my co-working has one and its nice.  You even got a choice of three styles (while they lasted) but all three looked cool.  Heck, I could even see myself using one of the 2012 bags.  This years... IDK, seems a bit bland, will be giving that one away.

    [pic from  site]


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    As long as it will hold the surface that will be given away. (there has to be one vendor giving one away)

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    I have a large 17" laptop think it will fit? Tongue Out

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    Is it made by Contoso?   Tongue Out

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    I still use my 2008 Bag sometimes... I was thinking about bringing it with me... Gonna need more than one to haul two Surfaces home.  BOOYAH!

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    walt burton

    Nice bag, but I was one of the unfortunate ones that got a faulty bag. According to the materials desk clerk, I could only get a replacement if the zipisper failed. He said this is a frequent problem this yearamd they just got a bad lot of bags. Still a good bag, just wish it was not failing.

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    Chuck were not one of the few. In fact few made it through the week. Crappiest bag ever!!!!

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    What an embarrassment. After 2 days at TechEd 2013 my bag's zipper broken. I went back and had it replaced (there were plenty of broken bags building up behind the counter that were replaced).

    When I was flying out of New Orleans and standing in the queue at the plane's gate, my $3000 Lenovo W520 fell through the bottom zipper and crashed to the floor. Thanks Lenovo for building a sturdy laptop.

    Within a week the top zipper's actual metal zipper tag fell off. So I can no longer open and close the bag.

    So Microsoft... You were cheap, but in the end all these bags are all going to be thrown away. How's that for saving the environment.

    If these bags were good, IT Pros would take them to work and that would be GREAT and FREE advertising for Microsoft.

    It would have been better NOT to have a bag at all.

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    I see my experience is not unusual

    Less than a month old zipper split open carying only a surface pro and power adaptor (not much load)

    Clearly the materials were defective. 

    As pointed out above, this is now landfill.  All the best intentions are rendered moot by poor execution.  And the lack of followthrough by Loopworks and Microsoft speaks volumes about walking the talk.

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