Natural User Interfaces with Physiological Sensing

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Microsoft has innovated continually in developing novel interaction modalities, or natural user interfaces. Surface and Project Natal are two examples. While these modalities rely on sensors and devices situated in the environment, we believe there is a need for new modalities that enhance the mobile experience. We take advantage of sensing technologies that enable us to decode the signals generated by the body. We will demo muscle-computer interfaces, electromyography-based armbands that sense muscular activation directly to infer finger gestures on surfaces and in free space, and bio-acoustic interfaces, mechanical sensors on the body that enable us to turn the entire body into a tap-based input device.



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The Discussion

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    that is hot Smiley

    looks like there is quite a bit of input lag though, i wonder if they use pattern recognition similar to natal because in that case, lag could be reduced with further traning of the recognition..

    it'd also be fun to know how much of natal software tech has gone into these two things Smiley


    seeing natal at techfest would also be super awsome, but im not holding my breath :/

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    dude you are everywhere ??? time to close your mouth...   Smiley  it is just too weird man... Tongue Out

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    hey, what can i say Wink i like c9

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