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    What's happened to TechRewards. Submissions are rewarding zero points when there should be point rewards. Site no longer recognizes completed challenges. Monthly leaderboard is now gone so there's no way to find out where your standing is for the monthly XP award if that is even still a thing. Rewards have been scaled back to almost nothing and no actual new challenges in awhile.

    This on top of no new posts in over a month here on Ch9 and @msdev hasn't really shed any light on what's going on with the TechRewards site other than the generic, working on new challenges response to anyone that ask.

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    Yeah, it has the feeling of a quiet whimpering wind-down, without them being forthcoming at all about what's next.  Kind of odd for a company as well resourced as Microsoft, and considering that they have promoted the program as recently as this May. 

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