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The Discussion

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    Good information but the audio is of low quality. At times it's hard to hear the speaker. 

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    can't hear it...gave up trying

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    low audio quality, it's quite hard to understand what the presenter is saying.

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    Terrible.   1st, the narrator is next to impossible to understand, he has a very heavy accent and I had no idea at times what words he was saying.

    2nd, the audio quality is unacceptable.  I don't know how they made and released this video and didn't care about the fact that you can't hear it unless you turn the volume all the way up on your speakers (and that's only going to work for ya if you have powered speakers)

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    Bizarre how you can think this is appropriate.

    I'm trying to follow along, but the presenter is assuming a LOT of previous knowledge.

    He goes WAY too fast. I have no idea what he is clicking on or why.

    Did he record this on his laptop? Sound is terrible...

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    horrible, can't hear a thing.

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