How to build your first Windows 8 trivia app (Part 1): Introduction

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The Tale of a Windows 8 XAML/C# Trivia App : Introduction

Playing Trivia Apps is a lot of fun, it's not surprising that they are the most downloaded and played apps on any app store.

In this series we will introduce you to Windows 8 app development in a fun way. We will provide you to a basic app template to start with, and will show you how to build and customize on that. We will start with changing backgrounds, creating your theme, integrating azure leaderboards, sharing your scores via facebook and much more

The end result : A Cool Slick Trivia App of your own J

To get started, download the categories app template from here :

In the first video we are kicking off a series showing off the Categories Trivia template. This video covers the basics of the Categories Trivia template and gives an example of what can be done with it. The Categories Trivia template is an app template for Windows 8. When you play the game you are presented a category and the first letter of an item within that category. The player has to guess an item within that category that starts with the letter provided. You rank up points for answering as many questions as possible within a certain time limit. While the mechanics of the template seems very basic, the template is extremely versatile. You can create a simple trivia app, or you can create an unscramble app, or a translation app, or a simple math app. Anything is possible!


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