A Quick overview into typical Architecture for a Cloud Based Gaming Services

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Microsoft Azure is a pretty impressive array of Platform, Infrastructure and software services, In the following blog weare going to explore new opportunities by engaging players with Microsoft Azure.

Azure offers hundreds of cross-platform services for any device: Android, iOS and Windows. Make your app smarter, more intelligent, and more engaging by connecting it to the cloud.

Azure Services

But what if you want a Solution for Games based on Azure?

Here is a typical Architecture for building a Game infrastructure hosted in Azure

Azure Gaming Architecture

1.User connects to front end server to access the gaming app

2.Azure DNS resolves the app server name and gets app location

3.User authentication with Azure AD or other identity providers

4.Web and app server can be hosted on Azure Compute or Azure Web App

5.App data can be stored in different data backend relational or non-relational databases; different data backend across cloud or SaaS to store app data

6.Multiple options supported for development and deployment tools

7.Large files such as game images, audio, and videos files can be sent to users from nearest CDN pop location with Azure CDN

8.Perform caching that helps you build fast, scalable apps through a secure, dedicated cache with more control and guaranteed isolation of data

9.Additional services like Automation, Search, Service Bus, and Hadoop can be used with your gaming app

10.Machine Learning, Data Lake Analytics, and Stream Analytics can analyse app data and user behaviour

11.Power BI, Tableau, or Qlik can visualize data with meaningful insights to make data more presentable

For more details on Azure see https://azure.microsoft.com

Interested in Getting Started Building with Azure 

You can use a sample game and add Azure services to it. No prior knowledge of gaming is required. Your app will take advantage of multiple Azure services: you can choose what services to use in your game to expand it to its full potential.

We have developed a great Gaming Code Labs which includes a number of modules are available for you, with lab manuals and source code at https://aka.ms/codelabs!


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