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Louis Deane, a  graduate of Computer Science from the University of Hull; set up Gateway Interactive in 2013 following his vision that the future of gaming would be intrinsically tied to multiplatform interoperability and cloud systems. 

Grown out of his University's Enterprise Centre and the local Platform Studios Initiative, the company has expanded its team and are alumni of the Microsoft Ventures London business start-up accelerator programme.

At Gateway, Louis is pushing boundaries and challenging the current state of cross-platform gaming. Spectra is a procedurally built rhythm based racing game available across multiple Windows platform and scheduled for XboxOne release in Q1 2014. What makes Spectra special is "Nomad", Gateways cloud computer offering that will change the way developers build multiplatform games. Nomad is a cloud computer system designed and in development by Gateway Interactive that allows software engineers and Indies alike to harness big data methodologies and the power of elastic cloud. Nomad enables developers to build their applications with only the understanding of their own Business Logic; there is no requirement for developers to learn our communication protocols or storage systems.

Nomad analyses the business logic code and builds the other requirements around it automatically. Nomad aims to break down barriers for other developers of games and software systems, allowing them to move critical business operations to the cloud. Nomad is slashing the barriers to entry and makes the construction of scalable cloud systems available to everyone.



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