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    Great site.
    I would love to learn more.

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    Ferney Badid Cruz

    Hola buenos dias estoy interesado en saber mas del tema pero me gustaria escucharlo en español ya que no domino el ingles. Muchas gracias.

    Ferney Badid Cruz Rodriguez

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    Por favor, no podría estar toda la información traducida al castellano.

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    De qué nos vale una campaña de email marketing en español si luego cuando vamos a profundizar nos muestra la información en ingles?

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    Nice to see you

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    estoy de acuerdo con todos , translate to spanish lenguaje , please

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    translate to spanish language and portuguese brasil.

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    Thaylor Mosquera Castro

    translate to spanish

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    Translate to Turkish

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    It's looks like interesting I will test in practice so I'll can better assess

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    Eng Faisal

    Thank you
    Useful information..

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    translate to durkastanik

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    Thanks, for valuable information.

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    Looks good. Please keep it short. Not too much text. Just the facts.

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    Van hoecke

    heb problemen met moederbord typen , en internet krijg steeds de melding foutcode: 0x8004010F waardoor internet raar begint te doen , ik kan niet meer normaal internetten, firefox springt naar google en omgekeerd als ook internet en het beeld word na 3 dagen volledig wit na iets te hebben getypt om een web te bekijken, dit is soms zeer moeilijk.
    ken niets van computer, ken geen hulp bereiken door het probleem kan ook geen micrsoft fix it hulp vragen door een code op scherm.

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    content seems great but i was busy being pissed with the buffering of video. If that is fixed i loved it.

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    i'm ready

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    Estoy interesado en saber mas del tema pero me gustaría escucharlo en español ya que no domino el ingles. Muchas gracias y buen trabajo.

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    Poderia traduzir para português.

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    Nitelet Paul

    Nous sommes français ayer la politesse d'écrire dans notre langue
    Bonne Journée

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    Breno Guerra

    Gostaria de em português em texto mais explicativo.

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    abdellah sbai

    j'ai rien compris
    ecrire en francais

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    Ready for good conversazione

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    Sonival Laurindo de Souza

    Please translate to spanish language and portuguese Brasil.

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    Eduardo S

    Por favor, enviar en castellano.

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    Please guys, Some of you have to be a bit patient.
    No doubt that Ops creators have already thought about other languages.
    Attending to that, don't wait after what you can receive, but after what you can do and give !
    Firstly, may be learning English ... ? Till you aren't any expert, you got many tools for online translation. Microsoft gave you some, and also Google, Bing, Babel ... aso.
    What ? it's easy for english people to hold such words ? .....
    Sorry, I'm just a poor Frenchy :)
    Anyways, thank you, the Ops Team, for your work ! You rock !!!


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    lo ideal es que lo realizaran en espanol para poder tener un mejor enrendimiento d ela informacion . gracias

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    It was great to get a Recap on where the Team is going and where they see the processes moving forward from all the different angles and corners.  I look forward to keeping up to speed and most importantly getting the necessary skill sets to progress along with the Team.  I look forward to the journey, and how these processes fit into my business direction. 

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    Can i found translate to arabic. ..

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    Hye CL

    Estoy interesada en saber más del tema pero me gustaría escucharlo en español Muchas gracias.!saludos¡

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    woow super

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    Paul Kelly

    Your subscribe to our blog link just goes to a page of text!!!

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    Доброго времени суток!!! Ваша затея, мне, нравится, но можно ли перевести всё на русский язык, мой английский сильно хромает. Заранее Вам благодарен, и хорошей вам жизни!!!

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    Jan Loimand

    You really need to start listening to the application administrators and the end-users...

    Yes, a lot of new software is really cool, but keeping up with 'Foundational IT Skills' has become a major challenge (problem?) for many, if not most users.

    One of the most important, if not most important 'Foundational Skill' is learning the OS.

    I am not a programmer, but I have worked with IT departments on various applications, and what I required was rarely what they initially proposed.

    Changing the user interface unless absolutely necessary should be avoided at all costs. Changing the user interface means that the end-users require training, and training can be very expensive.

    IT personnel probably spend a lot of their personal time staying up to date, but most end-users are employees who expect to be paid when on the job.

    Microsoft is as guilty of continually changing a user interface as any other IT company.

    As Windows evolved from 2000 to XP to Vista to 7 to 8 to 10, ‘someone’ decided it would be a good idea to rename ‘tools’, rearrange the location of items on toolbars or the ribbon, or place previously available options in a location that has no logic.

    For example, Windows ‘Color and Appearance’ is under ‘Color’, even though most of the options have to do with appearance, not color. I forget where this option was in 2000 or XP, but why is it a challenge to find it in Windows 7?

    The same could be said for what are probably the most widely used Office applications; Word, Excel and Outlook. These are the basic applications that most employees are expected to be familiar with, but the user interfaces have undergone numerous changes.

    It is true that the programs are much more powerful than they were twenty years ago, but how many users actually harness or integrate the additional capabilities into their daily work?

    My perception is that within the IT community there is a belief that ‘change’ equates to ‘progress’. Change that does not improve the end-user experience is not much better than ‘rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic’.

    It is possible, because I have seen it done, to dramatically improve the appearance of a user interface without having to re-train the end-users. Likewise, the program capabilities were dramatically improved for advanced users of the program without changing the regular user interface.

    The end-users should be represented, i.e., be ‘at the table’ when software is undergoing design or redesign. Changes that may be ‘cool’ to programmers may seem nonsensical to end-users that will have to work with the application on a daily basis for what will probably be an extended period of time.

    Jan Loimand

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    Bobby Visser

    Your perception is very limited as all new software version have beta testing done where end-user requests are noted and efficiency in usage is one of the main factors ... people are inherently lazy to learn new things and get stuck in ruts ... I personally abhor both iOS and Android, for instance, because I've embraced the efficiency of Windows 10, having taken the time to learn it ... don't wait to be spoon=fed ... feed yourself ... chage is always progress to the open mind!!!

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