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I've been thinking about what the next topic for this blog should be for quite some time. Not just any blog topic would do—this needed to be something special. Perhaps I would discuss modern IT management that we see with Enterprise Mobility Management, or even the future technology management imminently required for this whole Internet of Things? Or maybe it would be about how technical roles will continue to evolve, how industries will shift, and what all of the technologists of this planet can do to stay ahead. Better yet, just skip all of that noise and talk about the amazing, rapidly improving technologies like 3D printing, robotics, and machines capable of thought.

After many long days and weeks of wondering what I'd write about next, I finally found my answer: The Future. Because, why write about just one thing when I can write about ALL the things. Some of the biggest inspirational sources for this post include Satya Nadella's Build keynote (and HoloLens, of course!), Elon Musk's Stanford interview about the future, and James Whittaker's talk on the future of machines.

To be fair, I could see how me writing a bunch of words about the future could become rather tedious for all of you (not that I still won't do it, of course). But for those less inclined to indulge one person's rampant and quite possibly baseless speculation, I wanted to make sure we could provide the future as basefully(?) as possible, in a way to meet your needs.

So, with that, I decided what we really needed was a series. And not just any series, but a series full of the most awesome and technically skilled people we could find, talking about the awesome technical topics most interesting to you (let us know below!). After a few conversations with my good friends Brandy and Chris, "TechNet Radio Presents: Tech Futures" was born. If you've already had enough of all this reading, check out the pilot episode, "Tech Futures: 3D Pizza," where we talk about, uh, a lot of stuff.

Did you watch the video? If yes, thanks! (And also, sorry, you can't really un-see something like that.) And if not, what's wrong with you?! Just kidding, you're still solid in my book, but I highly recommend watching. Either way, we have at least another 11 episodes just like this coming your way over the next few months, and we're really excited to hear what types of topics you want us to cover.

With the pilot under our belts, I will continue updating the rest of this post as we cover new topics coming to us by way of THE FUTURE. And not solely for idle chatter, either. Instead, I'll lay out how you (yes, YOU!) can help make this future a possibility, and exactly what you can do to get started today. Regardless of whether you're a 30-year war-torn sysadmin, a developer at some awesome Fremont  startup, or even a student or tech enthusiast looking to learn, we all have the opportunity to work together to build whatever future we can imagine.  

Before we get started, the most important thing to understand is that technology is not only our future, but it's also our past and present. What this means is that technology will continually become a more standard requirement of every business function, and that the IT people and developers of the world are going to be more crucial than ever to any decision. And so there is a significant opportunity for every one of you to stand up and craft the future you want to see, but it only happens when we stop and think about how we can work together as a team first, rather than how we can do it on our own. Because doing things on your own these days is a great way to ensure you get nowhere. 

As we continue to record new episodes, I'll update the list directly below here, so you have it in one easy place. In the interim, make sure to follow the RSS feed and, in case I haven't already mentioned this, please let us know what you want to see next from the show. If you're ready to get started, check out this blog post where we detailed resources to get up to speed quickly, or if you want to dive in further, check out this post to build on your knowledge.

The Future of IT

Not technically a TechNet Radio "Tech Futures" episode, but if you refuse to wait for more discussion on the future, then you should definitely check out this episode where my friend Yung Chou sits down with David Linthicum to rap about The Future of IT: Cloud Computing, Mobility and Manageability. Tune in as they go deep on IoT, Machine Learning, mobility and what Hybrid IT means today and tomorrow. Remember, the cloud is a model, not a destination.

An Accessible Future

In the first official episode of Tech Futures, we Skyped down  with Thomas Willingham of the Windows Server team, who discusses how technologies like Remote Desktop Services have evolved to provide the world with greater accessibility and productivity. Then we take a peek ahead to the accessible, potentially screen-less future of tomorrow and the steps we can take today to get there.

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