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Living the IT life is hard.

On any given day, even before getting out of bed, you've probably already prevented a technology crisis or two. By the time you make it to work, you find your previously clean queue now full with nine escalations from the overnight crew that should have been resolved on the first call. And before you can even get to begin doing other people's jobs, one of the tier 1 staff comes running up to your desk screaming "THE WEBSITE IS DOWN!" As it turns out, the website is fine...for the third time this month your VP simply forgot that the little switch labeled "Wi-Fi" on the side of their laptop works best in the "On" position.

Of course, the day of an IT person is not confined to 9 to 5 borders. As people start making the way to their cars, you're bunkering down for a new software deployment battle tonight once again with the dev team. The last deploy lasted nine hours and required three emergency 3 AM datacenter trips over the next week to finally get things stable, and this one's not promising any better.

We also know marketers don't make things any easier for you, constantly shoving the word Cloud in places it doesn't belong. And don't get me started on the premise of premises. So when you finally find some time to, you know, learn some things to improve this rickety infrastructure you inherited, that's exactly what you want to do. The last thing you need is the promise of learning how to fix said rickety infrastructure only to be left with a 90-minute sales pitch from someone who doesn't know the difference between Cirrus and Cumulus.

We don't like that. Even if other people don't appreciate you, we understand how critical your job is, and the last thing we want to do is make it any more difficult. Which is exactly why we set out to create The Ops Team. We wanted to build a place where all IT people can return reliably for the content and information they care about, free from marketing nonsense. So we kicked things off with an awesome weekly show, and today we're launching our new blog for all things IT, because who doesn't love another standard.


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If after all of those distraction you're still interested in more information, I'm going to lay out the 5 W's of The Ops Team in nice sections. I find nice, predictable sections oddly comforting. Here we go:


What is The Ops Team?

I wish I could lay claim to the name and concept, but they were solely the brainchild of our resident IT guys (Matt, Simon, Rick and David). They wanted to create a weekly show where they could hang out and chat about the latest IT happenings, inside and outside Redmond (which is sort of what they're usually doing, anyway, now that I think about it). Their goal was to make it easier for IT people to stay to date to what's important to them, minus all the noise. Beyond that, The Ops Team is the idea that YOU, the IT person, deserve to have the knowledge and skills to tackle huge products, and you deserve to have that information come directly from the engineers and other highly skilled technical people, not a watered down, vague marketing interpretation. 

Who is The Ops Team? 

As I mentioned, Matt, Simon, Rick and David are the original Ops Team creators, however The Ops Team is much more than our four esteemed colleagues. In addition to our other team member, Oguz (and I should throw in Thiago as well; he hasn't made an appearance yet, but he's due), I feel The Ops Team also includes the many skilled people inside and outside Microsoft around the world working together to make life a bit easier for every IT person. The Ops Team is everyone who wants to make seemingly insurmountable goals doable, like bringing about true single sign-on and self-service, aligning IT and Developers to actually work together, and making sense of the cloud and what it really means for you.

When is The Ops Team?

The thing about The Ops Team is this: they are REALLY freaking busy. It's insane. On top of flying around from corner to corner of the globe speaking at conferences, meeting all of you, writing blogs and whitepapers, and explaining all of this to people like me and Brandy, they somehow still find time to record demos, training and shows. The good news - this means there is a ton of amazing content for all of you. The bad news - it can be really difficult to make sure this content makes its way to your doorstep. Hence, the reason for this post and blog. 

Where is The Ops Team?

The Ops Team is in a lot of places at a lot of different times, so this one is kind of difficult to pin point. While it may be difficult to determine exactly where The Ops Team is at a given time, there's some good news. It's presently 2016 and this whole "computers" fad still hasn't gone away (I'm assuming you're not reading from the future when this "computers" fad has gone away). So, what this means is that we can catch up in many different ways, like through Channel 9, the Microsoft Virtual Academy, or various live events. And if computers aren't your thing, you can go all 1990s and meet some of them in real life

Why is The Ops Team?

Well, this one doesn't work quite as well, but let's go with it. As I mentioned, we wanted to create one show to quickly cover the wider variety of topics IT people actually care about, not just the few marketers want to tell you about. We also want to help make life easier for IT, so between the show, blog, and any other related future endeavors, we'll continue bringing you information that is actually useful, whether you're trying to find more time, get ahead in your career, or start knocking off some projects from your IT bucket list. 

Now what?

Over the coming days, weeks and years, The Ops Team will continually evolve to bring you what you need. Because, ultimately, that's what this is all about... creating the best possible resource for you. But to do this, we need to hear from you. We want you want to see more of, what we should avoid, and what you've made on your own. So click right here to stay up to date on the latest with The Ops Team, or check out the next post as I dive into some of the best resources you can watch quicker than an episode of Seinfeld.

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